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What Day is it?

I have found a website to keep me amused for hours.  It’s called days of the year.peanut butter lovers daycom and it sets out what things and events are celebrated on each day of the year.  (It’s brilliant for those doing monthly newsletters!)

For instance, among other things, November is World Vegan Month, Manatee Awareness Month and Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month.  November 7 was Hug A Bear Day.  Staying on the bear theme, November 16 was Have a Party With Your Bear Day – a great idea for a team building exercise if there ever was one.  Mark your diaries for next year!

December is Food Safety Month and Human Rights Month.  Here’s some other interesting things that are being celebrated in December:





World AIDS Day – first held in 1988, four years after the discovery of the virus. Since that time, 35 million people have died.  Ways to help: your donation will help fund education and research, or volunteer your time to help with campaigns and causes.  You can also wear a red ribbon on World AIDS Day to help spread awareness of the disease, and hand out red ribbons to your friends, co-workers, and family to help them spread the word as well.  It’s important that everyone understands the dangers of HIV/AIDS, and just as important that they understand how it’s contracted.  Not just as a way to avoid contracting it, but to reduce the fear that surrounds this horrible condition.


International Day of People with Disability – a day that has been promoted by the United Nations since 1992, the aim is to encourage a better understanding of people affected by a disability, together with helping to make people more aware of the rights, dignity and welfare of disabled people.


World Wildlife Conservation Day – there is simply no excuse for the amount of animals being poached every year.  “Wildlife cannot be manufactured. And once it’s gone, it cannot be replenished. Those who profit from it illegally are not just undermining our borders and our economies, they are truly stealing from the next generation.” - Hilary Clinton.  You can also take direct action by making a charitable donation to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). 100% of all donations go towards training and equipping the rangers who are the wildlife protectors, and often the only thing standing between a baby tiger or elephant and a poacher.


On a lighter note, it’s also Wear Brown Shoes Day and Cookie Day!


Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day – There is a beautiful lagoon in the Hawaiian Islands that is named for the lustrous jewel that is formed when a piece of sand irritates a clam into coating it to protect itself.  This harbor also houses the headquarters of the United States Pacific Fleet, and has been an important part of the American Naval placement in the Pacific Ocean since 1887.  Little did anyone know at that time that an attack on this harbor would bring the entire might of the American Military into a war it was desperately seeking to avoid. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day honours the men and women who died in the Japanese attack on this beautiful harbor one December day in 1941.  (I have actually been to the Pearl Harbor Memorial and it’s a very beautiful, yet sombre and moving place. – Ali)


International Civil Aviation Day – One for the Wellington Group President (Dianne works for the NZ CAA).  The day focuses on the safety, efficiency, and regulations that surround the aviation industry.


Human Rights Day – established in 1948, the day has stood as the first major stride forward in ensuring that the rights of every human across the globe are protected.  From the most basic human needs such as food, shelter, and water, all the way up to access to free and uncensored information.


Cat Herders Day – You’ve probably heard the saying that something is as impossible as “herding cats,” used in reference to a seemingly futile or difficult task. This is a day for everyone who has to face the frustration of trying to manage the unmanageable, anyone whose day to day life involves insurmountable tasks.  (A second AP Day, methinks! – Ali)


It’s also Ugly Christmas Jersey Day!


International Migrants Day – This seems particularly relevant right now – Ali.  Appointed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 4, 2000, after having taken into account the large and increasing number of migrants in the world. Observed throughout many countries through the spread of information on human rights and fundamental political freedoms of migrants.  Throw a party to give blessings to the migrants who made the trip to come to our country, or go out and give food and supplies for those who need them the most, to help them get through the tough times that most have to face.



Review: Sudima Auckland Airport Hotel

Alison McKessar

Part of my ‘real job’ with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists is to run the examinations in New Zealand.  For the second sitting of the Final Exams this year, we used the Manukau SuperClinic for the medical/clinical section of the exams.  I always try to find a venue for the written exams close to the hospital location (which turns out to be not an easy task in the South Auckland region) and chose the Sudima Auckland Airport hotel.  As I had 36 candidates to accommodate, I needed a large conference room area with enough space for each person to have their own table, adequately spaced apart.

The Pavilion Rooms at the Sudima did the job nicely.  Conveniently situated on the ground floor these well-lit, dividable conference rooms are far enough away from everything to avoid general hotel reception area noise.  I’m told the internal walls are also soundproofed but, obviously, we had it as one huge room.  As with many locations in Auckland at present, there were roadworks outside the hotel the noise from which we were not protected.  However, it’s hardly fair to expect the hotel to have any control over the use of jackhammers and large rumbly trucks going past.  There are also several smaller meeting rooms available at the hotel.

The Reception area is bright, cheerful and spacious, moving into a bar/café area and then the restaurant, with the Pavilion rooms and a great pre-conference area in the opposite direction.  Leading up to the exams, and on the day, the staff I dealt with at the Sudima were helpful, available and professional.  The Concierge was particularly helpful with storing the cumbersome supplies we brought back from the supermarket.  The wait staff in the restaurant were excellent.  The A/V technician was friendly and competent – we had no technical issues.  The room was set up exactly as I had requested.

The location of the hotel close to the airport is both a bonus and a curse in terms of transport.  We had two very different experiences with Auckland taxi drivers and their reluctance to travel shorter distances if you’re unwilling to part with a limb.  Fortunately, there’s a ‘yellow bus’ that travels a circuit between a number of airport hotels, including drop off and pick up right at the door of the Sudima.  It’s a $6 ticket from the airport which is purchased from a machine at the terminal stop and the hotel reception can arrange for tickets to get back to the airport or to/from the shopping centre.  One disadvantage is that the hotel is located in a predominantly industrial area so there’s no cafes or shops close by if you need to nip out for anything.  As mentioned, there is a shopping centre you can get to on the bus, but if you need to transport back anything other than yourself (eg a couple dozen 1.5l bottles of water), I recommend using Uber.

I stayed two nights.  My bed was very firm which was fine for me, but I suspect may be an issue if you prefer to sleep on anything softer.  I know one of our candidates struggled for comfort.  There were power points in sensible places and light switches to control the whole room without getting out of bed.  The bathroom was small with shower over a bath – just how much space do you need in a bathroom anyway?!  Everything was clean, the body lotion smelled nice and the instant coffee wasn’t bad either.

I think one of the stars of the hotel was the restaurant food.  My colleague and I were lucky enough to have two dinners.  The first night, I had salmon cooked to perfection and the second night a delicious gnocchi.  We also had breakfast twice - the buffet is plentiful and varied and they exchanged things on the menu without fuss (I got extra mushrooms instead of the evil grilled tomato).  We also had a late lunch between written exams.  The one criticism I have is that there were things in my food that hadn’t been listed on the menu.  Those who know me well know that I have an extreme aversion to capsicum; I’m not allergic – I just hate it.  I hate it a lot.  And it turned up unannounced twice!  Once in my lunch (a Cajun chicken roll which took me back to my visit to New Orleans) which wasn’t so bad as I was able to pick it out without ruining things too much and, more troublesome, as a sauce spotted atop my gnocchi.  To be fair, the waitress efficiently brought me a requested teaspoon to scrape off the offending sauce, but it did dampen my enjoyment of what really was an excellent pasta dish.  Restaurants: diners don’t like surprise ingredients!  The desserts were beautifully presented and really yummy – I highly recommend the apple and peach cobbler with its cute individual frypan and light, buttery crumble.

In all, if you need a venue close to the airport where you know you will be listened to and looked after, I suggest you contact the Sudima Auckland Airport hotel.  And if you don’t mind capsicum, you won’t be disappointed you did!

If you’re a small- to medium-sized organisation which will never aspire to meeting the enormous numbers of room nights demanded by many hotel rewards schemes, Sudima hotels has recently introduced Sudima Business Plus.  Enjoy discounts off room rates, food and beverages.  For more information see here.

Sudima has properties in Auckland South, Hamilton, Rotorua and Christchurch.


Feeling like a fraud at work?
From Practically Perfect PA, July 26, 2017

A few years ago I was working as a PA within a large team of highly qualified, talented and very very confident project management consultants. I was asked by one of my colleagues to come along to a meeting to discuss how the organisation could communicate more successfully with staff. I wasn’t there to take notes or represent my Executive, I was there to offer my own thoughts and opinions, and I totally freaked out. I felt like a complete fraud, despite the fact that I had lots of thoughts on the subject and had worked on similar projects in other organisations. Nevertheless, in that meeting I didn’t say very much, when asked a specific question I said I didn’t know and I generally looked and felt completely redundant. I’m sure we’ve all been there, feeling like a fraud at work and having a major crisis of confidence. I felt so stupid that day that I promised myself, it wouldn’t happen again. I’ve thrown myself into a few situations where I have felt totally out of my depth, questioned my entire career and skill set and basically wanted to crawl back into bed and hide. I started to tell myself that I have to basically ‘fake it till I make it’ and that is what I’ve done ever since! Here are some of my thoughts on why, sometimes, it’s quite good to feel like a fraud at work.


Why are you here?

That is the first thing to ask yourself. Why are you in this situation? You are here because you aced an interview, that your Executive and your Organisation saw something in that makes you awesome. It might be your knowledge, your skills, your qualifications, your amazing personality. Whatever it is – you have every right to be there and to be heard.

You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone

If you always do the same thing you will never give yourself a chance to grow and develop. I’ve heard so many incredibly successful business people say that they said yes to situations and figured out how to make it a success along the way. Yes, that is a very scary prospect, but if you know deep down that you can do something but it is terrifying – say yes. You will not regret it. Everyone starts as a beginner. Think about when you first started using MS Outlook all those years ago, you didn’t know everything, but now you are a complete whizz. It is the same for any task or activity you want to do. Public speaking? The more you do it, trust me, the easier it gets.


Don’t give yourself undue amounts of stress

Some people love working under pressure and need that buzz to achieve great things. Good for them, I’m not one of them! I like to be organised when fleeing my comfort zone. Feeling like a fraud doesn’t mean diving off the deep end it means giving something a go. It doesn’t mean taking up a challenge, but not asking for help. It means taking on new challenges, but having a support system in place to help manage your development.

You are your own worse enemy

I hear this phrase a lot and it is so true. No one is more harsh on themselves than you. I’m so guilty of this and I know from experience it can really hamper your chances of great achievements. You want to set yourself high expectations but not so ridiculously high that you don’t ever bother to try because you might fail.


Are you over your head?

I think this is also a good question to ask yourself because sometimes assistants can be given work that is totally outside of their job description. For example, so many of us are asked to organise events, manage projects, procure services and suppliers, manage budgets and recruit for new staff. All of these tasks are full time, professional, jobs for some people! If you have been asked to do something that you haven’t done before, don’t say no, but do ask for time to up-skill, attend training and learn what they hell you are supposed to do! When you take on a challenge you need you right tools to make it a success!



The 44th AAPNZ AGM and Professional Development Forum


Held at the Grand Mercure Hotel in the heart of Auckland City, the 44th AAPNZ AGM began with a mihi whakatau from Richard Nahi the Kaumātua from Ngāti Whatua to ensure all participants were welcomed appropriately and that they were noa (safe).  

There were a large number of apologies and proxy votes.

Due to the end-of-year final accounts having not yet been returned from the auditor, the accounts were merely received and not adopted.  Once the audit is completed we will make them available to all members.  The budget for the coming year was accepted, as was the National President’s report for 2016.  All three remits were carried.  

Elections for the National Executive Team positions were confirmed unopposed and the Team for the 2017-18 year is:




National President

Alison (Ali) McKessar


1st National Vice-President

Sherie Pointon


2nd National Vice-President



Northern Regional Leader

Tracey Kerr


Central Regional Leader

Kath Olliver


Southern Regional Leader

Michelle Simpson


Anyone interested in the role of 2nd National Vice-President should contact Alison McKessar.

Alison also acknowledged the service and assistance of those NET members who were stepping down: Janine Hawthorn (Manawatu), Nicki Williamson (Manawatu), Kim Donovan (Auckland) and Wendy Rapana (Rotorua).

The following people were confirmed as Group Presidents:




Tracey Fleet (Interim GP)


Joanne Gallop


Shelley Hawke


Jane Ingram


Dianne Parker


Veronica Stevens


Kath Olliver


Tracy Sherlock


Tracey Kerr (contact)


Vivienne Thorpe


Joss Drummond

As previously advised, the new Governor-General had declined AAPNZ’s approach to be Patron.  Members had been provided with a list of potential patrons and voted for Janine Smart to be approached.  Janine is the daughter of Doreen Smart, who founded the association that eventually became AAPNZ.  The Vice-Patron was reconfirmed as the Institute of Management NZ.  

James Hawes, Partner at Simpson Grierson was confirmed as the Honorary Solicitor and PJ Major, Chartered Accountants, were confirmed as the Auditor.

Congratulations to the following members who received their AAPNZ Certification:



Yasmien Khan

Auckland Group

Phillippa Plunkett

Wellington Group

Kathy Webb

Nelson Group

Jinnie Husband

Manawatu Group

Fran Martin

Nelson Group

Congratulations to those who received their Professional Designations:


Alison McKessar

Wellington Group

Rebeka Adamson

Manawatu Group

Michelle Simpson

Marlborough Group


Shelley Hawke

Nelson Group

Anne Phoenix

Whanganui Group

Opportunities on NET:

Professional Development Officer

A position is available on the AAPNZ National Executive Team (NET) for an AAPNZ member to support the Professional Development Team (PDT) with the professional development activities of the Association.  This would suit someone who is interested in professional development, is well organised, can work to deadlines and has good attention to detail.  You will work closely with members of the PDSC and also participate with NET meetings.

Primary objectives of the position

  1. To re-develop the PD Team
  2. To promote professional development opportunities to members which includes (but not limited to)
    a. Certification
    b. Skills analysis which may lead to workplace assessments
    c. Competency Certificates
    d. Doreen Smart Scholarship
  3. To work with group management teams on strategies to assist and promote all professional development to members
  4. To lead NET strategic initiatives with regards to professional development
  5. To manage and implement the Mentoring Programme.

Key tasks include liaison with Group Presidents to advise of upcoming deadlines for scholarships, AAPNZ Certification and Professional Designations, manage the inbox, liaison with PD Team members to ensure records and forms are up-to-date, applications are processed in a timely manner and to manage the Doreen Smart scholarship.  There will also be some project management as this role will be responsible for implementing the Mentoring Programme for AAPNZ.

National Administrator, AAPNZ National Executive Team

The opportunity is available to assist the AAPNZ National Executive Team (NET) with the administrative aspects of running AAPNZ.  The ideal team member will be an AAPNZ member who is extremely organised, deadline driven and enjoys supporting a busy team.  You will love taking minutes, tracking action points and collating large documents (such as the annual report and Guidelines), although we welcome someone who wishes to practice or enhance these skills (we can offer free skills analysis towards qualifications in return).

Please note that for both of these positions, there is an expectation to be present at four face-to-face meetings in Wellington (reasonable travel costs will be covered) and you should have evening access to Skype.  Whilst you will attend NET meetings, you will not have voting rights however your thoughts and opinions will be valued.

Please write to by Friday, 1 September 2017, outlining your current skills and how you can contribute to NET.

The NET introduced the new AAPNZ Values and outlined what they meant:

  1. Excellence
    Members strive to be their best.

  2. Innovation
    Keep up with technology and developments within the administrative field. Create more efficient and effective ways of doing things.

  3. Respect
    For the profession from within, by employers, sponsors and the general public. For each other as individuals.

  4. Empowerment
    Members grow in confidence and knowledge.  Belief and pride in the career choice.

  5. Engagement
    Members are engaged and involved with the Association and its activities.


And the new Vision:

To empower administrators through opportunities for development and connections.




During the lunchbreak the three finalists for the 2017 Administrative Professional Award gave their presentations.


The three finalists with the Administrative Professional Award Coordinator, from left: Andrea Taylor (Waikato), Shirley-Anne Pearce (APA Coordinator), Tracy Sherlock (Tauranga), Valerie Lang (Christchurch).




The Professional Development Forum began with a fantastic presentation by Dr Patricia Bossons, who had brought her colleague and co-author, Denis Sartain, with her.  Their session about professional coaching was really interesting and very useful.

No Content

 Dr Patricia Bossons

Denis Sartain

Robyn Pearce


At the end of the Professional Development Forum there were some exciting prize draws!  The Annah Stretton voucher went to Kathy Webb from Nelson Group and the fabulous Pacific Resorts accommodation in Rarotonga went to Beryl Harris from Rotorua Group.


The evening was the fun part where we got to dress up, eat, drink and network at the fabulous Stamford Plaza Hotel.  We were joined by several of the Executive Secretary LIVE speakers which was a real treat. 

Tauranga Group was awarded both the Growth and the Retention Awards for 2017 (they’ve had 100% retention during the year) and the Manawatu Group picked up the award for Competency Certificates.  A surprised Rebeka Adamson was given the National President’s Award in recognition of the fact that it was the only thing she had not yet attained or been awarded through AAPNZ.

Tracy Sherlock, Group President for Tauranga, accepts the Group Growth Award

Kath Olliver, Group President for Manawatu, with the Competency Certificates Award


Rebeka Adamson is surprised with the National President’s Award

Moira Jones collects her prize from The Career Academy’s Daniel Hunt and Demelza Duder


 The Career Company, AAPNZ’s premier strategic partner, very generously conducted a prize draw for $2500 worth of study which was won by Moira Jones from Wellington Group.

Of course, the evening would not have been complete without the big announcement of the winner of the 2017 Administrative Professional Award … Valerie Lang from Christchurch Group.  As well as her very prestigious title, Valerie won some amazing prizes which included 3M products, Annah Stretton high tea, BrightStar Training guest pass, two nights’ accommodation at any Sudima Hotel and a complimentary place at Executive Secretary LIVE.  She was also awarded with the brand new, beautiful trophy kindly donated by Founding and Life Member, Valerie Jackson and Life Member, Marie Hucker.


Shirley-Anne Pearce presents the APA judges with their thank you gifts. From L, 2015 APA winner Rebeka Adamson, Andrew Jackson, Drake Christchurch and Steven Naude, IMNZ.


AAPNZ’s contribution for Vickie Sokol Evans

The profession has been shaken by the news that Vickie Sokol Evans has been diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.  She felt nothing.  She was a little more tired than usual but with her schedule that was unsurprising.  We are told to check regularly for lumps and go to the doctors if we notice anything out of the ordinary but she felt nothing and had three tumours.  Vickie is a solo mother with two boys and she runs her own business which means she has people who rely on her for their livelihood.

The good news is that it is curable but she will be out of action for some time. She urges you all to go get screened regularly. It’s a timely reminder that we need to make time for self-care, so get yourself checked.

It would be wonderful if we could send a donation from AAPNZ members and to this end, our own Eth Lloyd has developed a fabulous raffle package which should appeal to all AAPNZ Members. The package includes:

  • The four most recent issues of the Executive Secretary Magazine
  • Eth Lloyd's book The Executive Secretary Guide to Conference and Event Management
  • Three stationery items (post it note pad and two book marks) from All Things Admin (Julie Perrine)
  • A bar of chocolate
  • A To Do List note pad
  • A packet of self adhesive filing tabs
  • A fun notebook and pen
  • A mix of four cards designed by Helena Cox
  • Florence Katano's poem "I'm professional, I'm intentional on a plaque
  • Pot holders (2) and tea towel from South Africa

This prize is worth well over the cost of tickets which are two for $5.00 or five for $10.00.  Payment to be made to AAPNZ Inc’s bank account: 03-0104-0384627-000 (Westpac).  So that we can identify these and allocate tickets, you must include your surname, AAPNZ membership number and the word SOKOL in your payment.

Names and membership number will be included in a spreadsheet in number order and a random number will be drawn on 31 August.

All the money received will be paid into the Audacious Diva's not-for-profit organisation, through their website which has been set up to help women with breast cancer and they have provided a special page for Vickie All money received will go to Vickie's fund.



REVIEW: Global Meetings Industry Day – 6 April

I was fortunate to be invited to a breakfast event for Global Meetings Industry Day on Thursday, 6 April.  The event was held at the fabulous Cliftons Wellington at the top of the Majestic Centre where I got to enjoy the amazing views and some very yummy brekkie!  I also got to experience how technology can be used effectively to enhance an event and heard some amazing facts and figures about the meetings industry.  As always, I made copious notes and share some here.
For instance, did you know that the meetings industry contributes more to the US economy than the film industry?!
Rachel Bartlett, Head of Sales & Marketing for Warwick Conferences (University of Warwick, UK) and European President of the International Association of Conference Centres (IACC) joined us via telephone from the French Alps.  She advised that the UK has a £43 billion events industry.  Recent research conducted by the IACC has revealed that the most popular reason for running events is education and training and the most important considerations when choosing a venue is cost, location and flexibility of space.  The top three investments for events is bandwidth, AV and collaborative technology.  In fact, the use of technology for events was a consistent message throughout the morning.  Rachel also gave us the astounding statistics that 70% of hospitality workers are women, yet there is less than 20% in management roles.  Only 10% of hotel owners worldwide are women.
Sue Sullivan, the CEO of Conventions & Incentives NZ (CINZ) spoke in person and advised that conference attendees are getting younger and desire a more interactive/immersive conference experience rather than someone talking at them from a stage.  Demand for more networking time has increased, as has the importance of conferences and venues being ‘greener’ with awareness of social responsibility.  Delegates are seen more as customers and technology must be smart and fast with reliable bandwidth.  Sue said that to be a good event manager you should broaden your knowledge; read, watch, listen, engage.  Having a mentor is important and you should be ready to reinvent yourself.  Manage your personal brand carefully, choose your attitude, use your talents and take opportunities as they arise.

Lotta Boman joined the meeting via Skype from her LA hotel room.  She is the CEO and Marketing Director for Sigtunahöjden Hotel and Conference Centre in Sweden.  Sweden is very trend sensitive and when competition is tough, you have to be on the top.  A strong believer that motherhood is the best leadership training you can get, Lotta said that you shouldn’t feel that you have to achieve everything right now; some things can wait and you always get a second chance.
Another Skype participant, Carrie Abernathy joined us from Denver, Colorado.  She is the founder of the Association for Women in Events (AWE), an inclusive community dedicated to the professional advancement of women in all facets of the events industry.  She spoke about the influence of President Trump on the US events industry and, although the long-term impact is unknown, the environmental and health sectors are already feeling the effects.  Carrie also mentioned that there is a big focus on Millennials and how they digest information.  Although we expect them to be technology driven, Millennials still desire face-to-face interaction and networking.
Instrumental in the breakfast event, Marie-Claire Andrews from ShowGizmo, Board member of AWE and long-term supporter of AAPNZ, spoke about the bias she has encountered as a woman in the events technology industry.  Some of her experiences have been less than ideal, from overhearing disparaging sexist comments to not being given a chair when all the men in the room were seated!  On the positive side, she has built her event app business up to having a presence in 17 countries.  AAPNZ has used ShowGizmo for the last few conferences and PD Forums and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with the app, and Marie-Claire, in future.


Using networks to get stuff done – from Practically Perfect PA

Just last week I was reminded how brilliant PAs are at using networks to get stuff done. I’m lucky to be a member of a direct messaging group on Twitter made up of some very awesome and proactive assistants. I was on the website the other day and noticed that I had a load of new messages flashing away. When I took a quick peek I saw that one of the PAs had messaged the others to ask if they knew any courier services that could deliver to Germany over the weekend. It was a bit of a tricky and really urgent request. Within the space of an hour the assistant had the contact details for a courier service and had resolved the issue. I can only imagine how impressed her boss was! It showed me how powerful assistants can be when they tap into their networks. We don’t have the answers to everything (although often our organisations think that we do!) but with the help of other assistants we can basically rule the world! So how do we ensure our networks are there to help us get stuff done? Here are a few tips:

Get to know your network

Assistants have access to many networks that can help with various aspects of the role. It is important to get to know the people within the networks. If you can all put a face to a name it really helps. If you can get out and about, attend networking events and get to know other assistants this really helps. If you are more of a social network kind of person ensure you like, share and comment on other assistant’s posts. Simply getting to know your contacts will make it easier for you to help each other out.

Give and take – networks need to get stuff from you 

This is really important. If someone in your network asks for help and you can help – do! If you have a great supplier that you can share with your network or any advice, training suggestions or something that you have implemented that works sharing this knowledge don’t hold back from sharing the information. Your network might not need that contact now, but it might come in handy another time. Giving back is the number one rule to networking!

Don’t beat around the bush – get stuff done quickly

We are a busy bunch and I think most assistants would prefer a straightforward conversation. If you need help, ask for it up front. This is one of the reasons we network in the first place! We get asked questions a billion times a day from colleagues so we are pretty used to sharing our knowledge and helping other people out. Don’t be shy! Your network will have the answers and if they don’t, they probably know someone who does!

Don’t rule people out – they have networks too! 

Assistants deal with all manner of issues so actually our knowledge is pretty widespread and our networks can be really big. So don’t rule people out because you don’t think they will be able to help – you never know and it is always worth asking the question. It is also well worth being a little creative with your networks. Try to network with people who might be able to help in certain areas. For example, I always found the post room staff to be incredibly helpful when I needed details for a new supplier – they see parcels, packages and couriers bringing new products in and out of the office all day long. They knew all kinds of stuff!

Assistants are naturally good networkers, you might not think it, but we are! The nature of our role means we come in contact with lots of different people, companies and suppliers and we generally are pretty helpful types! So next time you need something remember using networks to get stuff done will help no end.



Meaningful Questions While Networking

I don’t know about others, but I seem to have been invited to a number of functions recently.  Ninety-nine per cent of the time, I don’t know anyone else that’s attending so I have to force myself to go up and chat to complete strangers.  This is not an activity I particularly enjoy very much but it’s necessary to make connections to spread the word about AAPNZ.  Plus, I don’t want to be the doofus standing in the corner with no-one to talk to!  So, along with reminding myself that these people are just as scared of me as I am of them, I launch myself on unsuspecting people with a barrage of open-ended questions.  Apparently, that’s a good thing as I found out in the article below from the Executive PA website.

Getting to the good stuff when in a business networking environment is very important. In a room of 30 or 40 contacts, time is short and you don't want to miss out on catching-up with that one person who can bring a solution to a difficult part of your role.

“Everything in life is about connection”, says Jennifer Robinson, CEO & founder of Purposeful Networking. "This does not just apply to romantic relationships or friendships or even family. It applies to business, too.”

Here are Jennifer’s best tips for making each interaction meaningful:

1. Ask open-ended questions

Shy away from asking “What do you do?” or “Did you have trouble finding the event?” Instead, try to ask questions that will elicit people’s stories. Everyone has a story. Try one of these instead:

  • What is the last great movie you saw? Why did you like it?
  • What drew you to the industry you are in?
  • What is on your bucket list?

2. Be ok with being yourself and some people not liking you

There are those that believe when meeting someone you can’t be authentic; that you need to be “professional” or you shouldn’t ask or reveal anything personal. Don’t listen to any of that.  I have built a very rich network by building deep relationships with those around me. If some people find me too nosey or too familiar or think I am unprofessional, I don’t care. I don’t need them in my network or my life.

3. Always make the things that are important to your inner circle important to you

Not everyone deserves your time and attention, or even your help. But those relationships that rise to the top do. Whether it’s re-arranging your day to offer advice over coffee when asked by a close friend or taking someone to lunch to celebrate their divorce, becoming a grandparent, getting a new job or another milestone ? do it. This is the group that will tirelessly seek out opportunities for you, refer you and promote you without you ever asking.

 If you want some further information about overcoming a fear of networking the excerpt below, taken from an article from the excellent MindTools website, may be just the ticket.  To read the whole article (and I recommend you do), see here.  The hyperlinks within the item will take you to helpful information on these separate topics.


Forging Connections Authentically and With Confidence

What happens when you show up at a conference, a careers fair, or a roundtable event? Do you dive straight into the crowd and start mingling? Do you gently work your way in? Or, do you back into a corner and break out in a cold sweat?

For many people, networking is a terrifying, disabling prospect. This may be because they're introspective, introverted, unconfident, shy, hindered by bad experiences, or simply new to the whole experience. Whatever the cause a fear of networking can be hard to overcome once it's established.

Networking is an important skill to have and, if you can overcome your anxieties, your professional life will benefit from it. So, get ready to step out of your comfort zone, and read on.

Adopt a strategy for your networking, and work through the practical steps outlined in our article, Professional Networking.

Be Selective

Not all networking events are equally important, and you don't need to attend every one in your calendar, or speak to everyone at the ones that you do attend! Instead, focus on meeting the right people, at the right time and place, and discussing issues that fit your workplace priorities.

Set Goals

Set yourself one or two realistic goals so that you can network in a targeted way, with a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

Consider Conversation

Many people worry about what they're going to say at an event. But, while you can't script an entire conversation, you can prepare a few questions and try to memorize an introduction, so that you don't end up standing next to someone in silence.  Have a short two- or three-sentence introduction (your name, occupation, organization, and reason for attending) ready.  A few pre-prepared, open-ended questions to ask once you're past the introductions will put the spotlight on the other person, and help you to relax and listen as he or she talks.  The roles will reverse at some point, so consider what you'll need to share about yourself – such as what you're looking for or what help you need – and what your responses to likely questions will be when you're put on the spot.

Arrive Early

Walking into an event when conversations have already started and groups have formed can knock even the most seasoned networkers off course.  If you're one of the first people to arrive, you can enjoy the relative peace and quiet, and settle in before the real work starts.

Send the Right Signals

Fear is often revealed in our body language, so it's crucial to loosen up and send the right signals. You may be shaking inside or wishing that you were someplace else but, if you stay mindfully present and give the impression of confidence through your body language, you'll look open and engaged. In general, try to look relaxed, warm and alert, and remember to smile. You'll also encourage others to approach you, saving you the discomfort of approaching them.  Equally, look out for other people whose body language is open and approachable, rather than for those in close-knit, huddled circles or groups.

Take a Decompression Break

Networking events can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. When you feel your energy levels ebbing, it's important to take time out to breathe.

Know When to Call Time

Some people get so anxious to make a good impression that they drag conversations out for too long. Others feel so nervous that they talk non-stop, and they end up unintentionally dominating a conversation.  A key skill for any networker is knowing when it's time to move on. Aim for short, memorable conversations



Five Reasons every assistant should attend external training

I’m afraid there were no names on this article which I recently found so I can’t adequately give credit where credit is due, however it was from the Practically Perfect PA website, and is well worth reading.  - Alison

There have been so many times over the years that I have received an email about a fantastic training course or conference that I would love to attend. As I’ve read over the details, looked at the programme and the speakers I thought to myself ‘I’d love to attend that conference’ and then rather than doing something about it I’ve deleted the email.

I’m sure many of you have had a similar experience. There are plenty of training opportunities for  assistants but so many of us don’t attend external training events – in fact according to the recent Practically Perfect PA Industry snapshot 52% of respondents had not attended a training event in the last two years! Can you imagine another professional saying that? It really is unheard of in any other profession: so why don’t assistants attend training courses?

There are many benefits for both assistants and their employers in receiving the right training but how do we convince our managers and our organisations that they should invest in our career development? Here are my top five reasons why every assistant should prioritise attending external training:

1.  You are not ‘just’ an assistant!

Firstly, and I know I do say this all the time, you have to be in charge of your career development. It is really important that you have the confidence to ask for funding and this isn’t going to happen if you think of yourself as ‘just the assistant’. I’ve had Executives turn my training requests down because I worked in a support function and I didn’t make the organisation any money. If I considered myself as ‘just’ an assistant I would have walked away and accepted their answer. But really this answer is just an excuse – would they say no to one of the accountants or compliance team? No because they are deemed professionals who need to attend training and unfortunately we are not in that position …….yet. But if we have the confidence in our own career choices we should be able to explain to our managers the importance of training and why it is essential.

2.  You have a lot of unique skills

Assistants have a lot of unique skills that other professionals do not have. If you take hard skills for example – we have to understand how the latest office technology works, we have to organise events, take minutes, run meetings, write reports and edit documents. The list is endless. We also need a plethora of soft skills from people management to communication, assertiveness and everything in between. We deal with different types of individuals on a daily basis and we have to represent our Executives at the highest level of business. To be good at our job we need to know a lot of stuff and we need to have continuous training in that stuff! Do bear that in mind next time you are reading about that really great training event.

3.  You must have career objectives

It is really important that you take your career development seriously because if you do not your boss won’t. Make sure that you have regular 1-2-1 contact with your manager (you have control of their dairy – schedule these meetings in!), ensure that you have a formal review twice a year and make sure that you have measurable objectives that are reviewed throughout your time in the role. It is much easier to ask for funding if your manager is aware that you want to progress as an assistant and you see yourself as a true professional who requires CPD (continuing professional development). In many cases I have added ‘attend a training course on (insert subject matter).’ to my yearly objectives. Once you get a training course on to your formal objectives your manager has less room for manoeuvre!

4.  You must present a business case

It is really important that you present your manager with a business case for this expense. Julie Perrine over at All things Admin has written a brilliant article on presenting a business case for training which is definitely worth a read.  I would add that it is really worthwhile to look through the conference details and pick out the sessions that will really benefit your organisation. This will help you prove to your manager that you have thought about the event’s ROI (return on investment).

5.  You must pick training sessions that really do add value to you and your organisation

My fifth and final point is really important. Spend some time researching the best training events for you. There are plenty of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and networking events for assistants. Some are better than others and some are more expensive than others so it is worthwhile working out which event is right for you and is right for your organisation. This research will also make the conversation with your Executive easier. If they can see that you have really thought this through  they will be more inclined to fund your training.





Exec Secretary Live Banner

FIVE reasons to attend Executive Secretary LIVE in Auckland

1.  Attending Executive Secretary LIVE provides plentiful networking opportunities with of your peers from around the country and beyond.

2.  Practical presentations, by speakers the calibre of which we have never seen before in New Zealand, will highlight best practice, current research findings and advanced approaches from the world’s top industry experts and thought leaders for administrative professionals.  You will hear from ten of the most inspiring and internationally renowned trainers for the Administrative Profession. 

3.  Discover the latest products, meet new suppliers and encounter some great services in the exhibition area - including the bookstore and book signing sessions with the authors who are presenting.

4.  You will be given a Delegate Pack to take away, packed with workbooks, presentations and useful information to support the topics covered over the two days which can be brought back to the office and shared with your peers. 98% of last year’s attendees in London said the delegate pack was exceptional or excellent.

5.  No other programme combines real business solutions that you can take back to the office and implement immediately to improve your systems and productivity, the best tips & tricks that you will ever receive on how to use Microsoft Office products most effectively and a huge dose of inspiration that will reconnect you with your role and what can be achieved for you and your business as a world class Assistant. You will leave the event with a plethora of practical tips, as well as immediately actionable ideas to increase productivity and impress.


Three ways successful people achieve their new year’s goals  

I found this article, by Shweta Jhajharia on January 25, 2016, on the Executive Secretary Magazine website.  Many of you may have access to the articles on this site, however for those who don’t, I have copied it for you. - Alison 

The results of Richard Wiseman’s experiment are widely known; 88% of those who set New Year’s resolutions fail to achieve them.  The question is why? And what can we learn from those who actually achieve their goals?  Award winning coach, Shweta Jhajharia of The London Coaching Group shares the three techniques that have worked in her life and the lives of the most successful business people she knows:

1.  Avoid cognitive overload

The brain cells in the prefrontal cortex govern will power. They are also responsible for keeping you focused, handling short-term memory, and solving abstract problems.  When your prefrontal cortex gets overloaded, you simply do not have room to maintain your will power.  In addition, when you set yourself more than you can achieve this can impact your self-belief, which demotivates you.  It is far more productive – and preferable – to set yourself up for a win so that you can celebrate that win and, with confidence, move up to achieve the next level.

2.  Baby steps to habits, not resolutions

When people make a New Year’s resolution, they usually choose something reasonably abstract. For example: quit smoking; lose weight; manage stress.  To give yourself the best chance of achieving them, you need to understand the distinction between a resolution and a habit.  A habit is when you perform a very specific behaviour and set a very specific goal associated with that behaviour.  So convert those abstract resolutions into habits you wish to create:

  • Quit smoking becomes “Stop smoking that one cigarette you have every morning after breakfast.”
  • Lose weight becomes “Every evening after work, go for a 2-3 minute run or walk.”
  • Manage stress becomes “Meditate for 2-3 minutes every morning after you wake up.”

The idea is to break down those lofty goals into actions that only take a few minutes to achieve every day. By doing it regularly, those actions become habit that you continue easily.  When these actions become habit, less will power is required and you naturally avoid cognitive overload. You can then devote your cognitive load to creating the next small habit that furthers the ultimate goal.

3.  Write it down

When you write down your goals, you become more committed to them.  Our clients meet every quarter at a strategic planning day; they fill out a goals template and we hold them accountable. This act of reviewing goals every quarter instils a habit that has resulted in significant achievements towards the ultimate goals of every participant.

This is not just “corporate fluff”. In her TED talk, social psychologist Emily Balcetis shows that if you focus on the end goal, then you literally feel like it is easier to achieve. Writing it down, helps with that focus.

During a study at Dominican University a wide variety of participants were chosen and separated  into 5 groups.  The first group simply thought about their goals. Groups 2-5 progressively took greater action towards committing to those goals:

  • Group 2 wrote down their goals
  • Group 3 wrote down goals as well as commitments.
  • Group 4 wrote goals and commitments and shared those commitments with a friend.
  • Group 5 did all the above but also had to submit weekly progress reports.

Group 1 performed weakest, with a 43% success rate, compared to the average goal achievement of 64% of groups 2-5.  Groups 4 and 5 achieved greater results than the other groups, with 64% and 76% achievement rates respectively.  This shows that not just writing goals, but also accountability can help in actually achieving your goals.  This study provides evidence for the effectiveness of three coaching tools: accountability, commitment and writing.

Every person and every business is ultimately different. However, these are three actions that have worked well for me personally and for many other successful people. So if you have not tried them yet, it is worth giving them a shot because it works!


Shweta Jhajharia, Principal Coach and founder of The London Coaching Group, is a multi- award-winning business coach, recognised both by external bodies and the industry awards panels as the top coach in the UK. Despite the competitive economy, her clients across sectors consistently achieve measurable double-digit growth (over 41%) and are the most awarded client base in the UK.



Business Development Advisor – Wendy Rapana
At the NET’s first meeting of the new AAPNZ year, Wendy Rapana was officially appointed as the Business Development Advisor (BDA) for AAPNZ.  Many of you will be familiar with Wendy from her recent term as AAPNZ National President.  It was vital to the NET that the person in this role knows AAPNZ inside and out.  Plus, with the additional work she has already been doing in preparation for the Executive Secretary LIVE event, and the networks established during her National President term, it just made sense that Wendy was the right person for the job.


Some members have queried why this is a paid contract role, and it has transpired that many members did not already know that both the National Financial and Membership Officer roles are also paid contract positions.  Each of these roles is substantial and significant to the success of AAPNZ so NET uses people with specific skill sets.  In Wendy’s case, as a self-employed professional, the significant amount of time she needs to spend working for AAPNZ means her own income is affected.  Because the NET don’t want to be responsible for her starving, Wendy is paid to dedicate chunks of her working hours to AAPNZ and meet the expected Key Performance Indicators.

One of the key tasks of the BDA is to bring in national sponsorship partners for the Association.  This is especially relevant with the Executive Secretary LIVE event coming up as it is an excellent opportunity for organisations to get their brand and products in front of administrative professionals across Australasia and beyond.  The hope is that these sponsors will stay with AAPNZ after the ES LIVE event and become ongoing partners on a national and regional level.

The Executive Secretary LIVE event is a major undertaking and not something that could be easily slotted into the existing responsibilities of the National President role.  Alison McKessar, AAPNZ National President says “There’s no way I could do all the work for ES LIVE as well as run AAPNZ – it’s just not physically possible, especially since I also work full-time.  Knowing that Wendy is looking after that side of things is a huge relief and I can concentrate on the necessary day-to-day duties.  Plus, if effective, the role should be essentially self-funding.”

Wendy has already done some fantastic work with The Career Academy which is both a source of income and membership resources - students completing relevant qualifications receive a year’s membership to AAPNZ.  With Wendy flying the flag for AAPNZ, the NET feels very confident that the future is going to be exciting.

Association Membership Provides an Edge in Today’s Fast-Paced Landscape

The following is a very relevant article from the Australasian Society of Association Executives newsletter by Brendon Ward, Chief Executive Officer:

Recently I’ve been asked what the key focus areas are for Associations. In my view, it’s all about staying relevant and connecting our respective communities with great people and great ideas.

Consistently, the number one benefit of belonging to an Association is being part of a community and connecting with colleagues to learn, share and advance careers. Reid Hoffman (co-founder and chair of LinkedIn) says “those who can conceptualize and understand networks – both online and off – have an edge in today’s fast-paced and hyper-competitive landscape, where the speed with which we can make informed decisions is critical.” A critical imperative for us is to create opportunities for our community to meet, collaborate and expand their network. It’s also about us facilitating introductions and connections to the right people for any given situation. The age old adage of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is possibly more true today than ever, especially when it comes to career progression.

In terms of staying relevant, innovation is all the buzz and includes everything from massive step change to small incremental changes to stay ahead of the curve. It’s important that changes relate to the core purpose of the organisation and help to mitigate against disruptors wanting to enter the market. Innovation is about changing tracks when the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming disruption locomotive.

Providing thought leadership and great ideas are essential. With easy access to a vast array of information, the traditional ownership of the knowledge hub by an Association has gone. It’s now the role of Associations to curate, interpret and distribute timely, relevant and meaningful information and resources. So how do we become thought leaders and access/choose the right information. There are many ways including social media, membership of your Professional Association and attendance at sector and international conferences.

In the interests of sharing, here are five insights from sessions I attended at the ASAE conference in Salt Lake City:

  • Don’t sell what you make. Make what you can sell;
  • Partner with good/smart people and organisations for members to access greater benefit;
  • On promotional material list the top 3 benefits, not 18 features;
  • Charge more! (for everything…);
  • Create urgency and exclusivity by bundling products and services and promoting them for a short period of time.




SEPTEMBER 2016    |   NEWS

AAPNZ Theme 2016–2018

Whāia te iti kahurangi, ki te tuohu koe me maunga teitei
Pursue your treasured aspirations, and do not be deterred
by anything less than a lofty mountain

The theme for my coming term is best explained by this excerpt from the speech I gave at the gala dinner for the recent Professional Development Forum in Nelson:

"When I was doing a psychology paper, very early in the learning I came across the explanation of how neurons and neurotransmitters in the brain communicate. Put simply, neurons fire off chemical signals called neurotransmitters and these can either excite or inhibit other neurons. What stuck with me is the name given to these electrical events and that is "action potential". If a neurotransmitter inhibits a neuron, it won't do anything and there's no action potential, but if it excites it, the neuron will fire off its own neurotransmitters and the split second before it does: that is where the action potential lies.

Now, I hope it's not too much of a jump from that to imagine that AAPNZ is like a neuron. It provides events (professional development, networking, qualifications) that excite members into action (getting qualifications, increasing their knowledge, and progressing their careers) or in other words, finding and increasing their potential. It also ties back to what gives me a great feeling about AAPNZ, and that is: people learning and growing. I think that can be applied to groups as well – with the work that Wendy's been doing with other organisations enhancing the profile of AAPNZ, the potential for larger membership numbers is starting to evolve."

I’m really looking forward to working with Group Presidents to assist and enable them to deliver valuable programmes of professional and personal development to members so that they, and Groups as a whole, can realise their potential.


2016 Professional Development Forum

Nelson, Saturday, 6 August 2016

It was a beautiful, albeit a bit chilly, winter morning in Nelson when about 80 administrators packed the Marquee at the Grand Mercure Nelson Monaco Apartments hotel for breakfast.  The day was ably MC’d by Sandy Inwood, Marlborough Group member and past-National President (pictured right).

We enjoyed a hearty buffet breakfast whilst we listened to three very different and polished presentations from the Administrative Professional Award finalists.

Gems of Knowledge shared

Tummies full, it was time for the PD Forum proper which kicked off with Patricia Butera from 60 Zone who told a personal story on How chaos can test your limits.  She imparted sensible advice such as: “Don’t take no for an answer; it’s an opportunity to look for another way to get a yes”, and “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”


Cynthia Pratt wowed us with just how much sugar is hiding in our food and taught us how to read labels, eg per serving, X grams of sugar ÷ 4 = number of teaspoons per serving.  The results will shock you!

Billie Watmuff JP shared the amazing knowledge she has gained throughout her career from administration to management: “Be humble.  Value and respect your people and give due recognition” and “If you constantly look back, you won’t see the doors opening in front of you”.

We had our minds boggled when Steve Smith showed us what is possible with the technology of the future, especially with wearable technology, and employment law specialist Nick Mason made sure we knew our rights in the workplace, particularly with regard to contracts.

To finish, another quote from Patricia Butera: “Power is gained by sharing the knowledge, not hoarding it”. 

Award Dinner Photos

The gala dinner was delicious and everyone looked fabulous in their glad rags, many with a touch of silver to commemorate Nelson Group’s 25th anniversary.  (Delicious cake, by the way.)

Congratulations go to Nelson Group, below, (mentored by Shirley-Anne Pearce) for organising a brilliant line-up of speakers in a wonderful location.

National President Award: Shirley-Anne Pearce (pictured left), receiving her award from outgoing National President, Wendy Rapana


2016 Administrative
Professional Award


Congratulations to all three finalists of the 2016 AAPNZ Administrative Professional Award.  Pictured left to right: Leigh Davidson (Christchurch), Dianne Parker (Wellington), and Debbie Warnock (Wellington).  Your speeches at the PD Forum breakfast were all fantastic in their own way and you survived the gruelling interview process!  However, there can only be one winner and that is Dianne Parker from the Wellington Group.  Dianne provides administrative support to a General Manager and four Unit Managers for the Civil Aviation Authority.  She is also the current Group President so has a very busy year ahead!


The new National Executive Team was elected at the AGM held in Nelson in early August.

National President:  Alison McKessar
1st Vice President: Janine Hawthorn
2nd Vice President: Nicki Williamson 
Northern Regional Leader: Vacant
Central Regional Leader: Sherie Pointon
Southern Regional Leader: Michelle Simpson
NET Admin Officer: Nicki Williamson
Advisor: Kim Donovan
Contracted roles were re-confirmed: 
Membership Officer: Veronica Mitchell
Finance Officer: Teresa Flavelle
AAPNZ National Awards 2015-2016 
Membership Retention: Nelson Group
Membership Growth: Tauranga Group
AAPNZ National President Awards 2015-2016
National President Award: Shirley-Anne Pearce
Honorary Membership: Lynn O’Shea, Freshfields Design


There were a large number of remits this year and the following is a summary of the outcomes.  A full list of the remits and explanations can be found here.

1 Membership fees be increased
by $5.00 … from 1 April 2017 …
2 Deletion of Rule 9 CARRIED
3 New Rule to replace Rule 9 and amendment to Rule 3.1 (Certification) CARRIED
4 Deadline for NET nominations before AGM LOST
5 Honorary officers … reduced to one patron … CARRIED
6 Establishment of paid contractor roles by NET WITHDRAWN
7 Establishment of Advisory Board CARRIED
8 Advisory Board appointments CARRIED
9 Reduction of minimum numbers for Group Management Team CARRIED
10 Group allowance percentage reduction from 12% to 6% LOST
11 No minimum payment of $150 Group allowance CARRIED
12 Administrative Professionals Award (APA) held biennially CARRIED
13 44th AGM hosted by Auckland Group on 13 July 2017 CARRIED
14 World Administrative Summit hosted by AAPNZ in Wellington in 2021 CARRIED


Masterclass for Senior Administrators with Lucy Brazier

Remember when Lucy Brazier flew in from Sydney in May and then flew back to London after facilitating an amazing Masterclass for Senior Administrators in Wellington?  I received a LinkedIn message from one of the registrants to tell me what occurred after her enlightening day with Lucy and the other registrants.  She was so emplowered that in her own words, this is what happened:

Hi Lucy & Wendy

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for your time and thoughts at the masterclass in Wellington a few months ago. It was excellent timing because as you noticed I was in a rut workwise and needed something to change.

Following that masterclass, I went back to my region and reflected on all that was said and what I really wanted. We had our annual appraisal round in July also, so it was great timing and I had an opportunity to share my thoughts with the business. I spent alot of time analysing my role, what my JD said and what I actually did along with what I wanted for my future.

I was prepared, and they said my preparation had made their process incredibly easy. I asked for my role to be split and that we hire an administrative junior staff member to come and support me and the team. I asked for more challenge, and a different title. I asked for car parking and more flexible hours. They accepted everything, and gave me a $5k pay increase. I have a new junior lady starting soon, my new title will be Executive Assistant to the Management Team and things are finally looking up and I look forward to going into work again.

MAY 2016

So next time Lucy agrees to spend time in New Zealand, make sure you get a chance to attend one of of these extraordinary workshops.  Thanks Lucy!
Our thanks to IMNZ for letting us utilise a room in their Wellington office, a great example of a much appreciated collaborative relationship.

Continuous Professional Development

AAPNZ is the Peak Body for Business Administration for NZQA.  This means that if we have something to say about Business Administration NZQA listen; and if they want information in this area they contact us.

AAPNZ is your professional association, much like the Nursing Council for the nursing profession or Teachers Council for the teaching profession.  As a member of AAPNZ you are privy to member benefits and one of them is the opportunity to attain AAPNZ Certification.  This tells employers that you have attained this acknowledgement through a robust process that aligns to a level 5 or 6 nationally recognised qualification and that you are competent.  Less than 30% of our members have this credential so we encourage you to find out more about it and if you have a qualification already at the right level apply and if you do not have an appropriate qualification then take the opportunity to attain one.  There are many ways you can do this; if you prefer to learn on-line, look at the Career Academy website for online learning opportunities.  Check out the recent video produced to encourage students to sign up for the on-line administration courses. 

Workplace Assessment

As an AAPNZ member, if you wish to gain a formal qualification to attain certification, AAPNZ provides the opportunity to undertake a skills analysis. This will determine the level of qualification appropriate for you and AAPNZ provides access to workplace assessment to attain that qualification. Workplace assessment is most often through oral assessment and providing the required supporting evidence from the work you do day-to-day. For further information, contact our professional development team.

Professional Designations

Associates and Fellows of the Association, or professional designation applications have now been awarded and are available on our website. 

If you require any further information or assistance in applying for these valuable member benefits, and to apply send your application forms to our professional development team.

Do not forget to apply for your years of membership/service bars, these start after 5 years membership and are awarded at 5 yearly increments.

Helen Elizabeth Clark ONZ SSI (born 26 February 1950) is the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and was the 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand. As Prime Minister she served three consecutive terms from 1999 to 2008 and was the first woman elected at a general election as the Prime Minister, and was the fifth longest serving person to hold that office.  She has been Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, the third-highest UN position, since 2009.  In April 2016, she declared her candidacy for the position of Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Helen Clark became the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme on 17 April 2009, and is the first woman to lead the organization. She is also the Chair of the United Nations Development Group, a committee consisting of the heads of all UN funds, programmes and departments working on development issues.  The current government of New Zealand strongly supported her nomination at that time, along with Australia, the Pacific Island nations and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown. She also received the support of the five countries on the bureau of the UNDP board (Iran, Haiti, Serbia, The Netherlands and Tanzania) and was unanimously confirmed by the General Assembly on 31 March. She was sworn in by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on 27 April 2009.

In this position, Forbes deemed her the 23rd most powerful woman in the world.

5 March 2012, she confirmed she would be seeking another four-year term as Administrator of the UNDP and still holds that position.

RIGHT: Clark with Hijab in Tehran, during a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, 4 August 2013

In 2013, Forbes upgraded her position to 21st most powerful woman in the world after she was appointed head UNDP for a second term and her potential future as UN Secretary General. She was the only New Zealander to make the list. As of 2014, she is listed at #23.

On 4 April 2016, Helen Clark officially submitted her nomination as New Zealand's candidate for the 2016 UN Secretary-General selection.  She is supported by the current government in New Zealand.  (Article from Wikipedia)

Helen Clark’s time in office has not been without controversy.  The UN's role in the Haiti cholera outbreak has been widely discussed and criticized. There has been indisputable evidence that the UN is the proximate cause for bringing cholera to Haiti. Peacekeepers sent to Haiti from Nepal were carrying asymptomatic cholera and they did not treat their waste properly before dumping it into Haiti's water stream. When asked about compensation for victims, Clark has declined to take a position, calling it "legal issues."

Another issue that has been brought up is the sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeepers. This gross problem was brought to light after Anders Kompass exposed the sexual assault of children by peacekeepers in the Central African Republic. During the United Nations Secretary General Candidate informal dialogues, Clark said that the UN needed to deal quickly with sexual exploitation and abuse, and gender-based violence by peacekeepers. The United States asked Clark how she would ensure that the peacekeepers fulfill their mandates. This question went unanswered.

In January 2009, two months after losing office as Prime Minister of New Zealand, Clark was voted Greatest Living New Zealander in an opt-in website poll run by the New Zealand Herald. In a close race she received 25 percent of the vote, ahead of Victoria Cross recipient Willie Apiata at 21 percent. Current Prime Minister John Key said he was not surprised by the poll, saying "... she is well thought of as a New Zealand Prime Minister."

In April 2009 she was awarded honorary Doctor of Laws degree by University of Auckland.

In the New Year’s Honours 2010 Clark was appointed to the Order of New Zealand for services to New Zealand.

 In my opinion Helen Clark already holds the most influential administrative role in the world and she may very well hold the most influential business role by the end of the world.  How awesome is that!!  I wish her all the very best in securing this role – Wendy Rapana


Our Day of Celebration

Administrative Professionals Day (APD) was celebrated around the country by AAPNZ regional Groups in Auckland, Rotorua, Hamilton, Whanganui, Tauranga, Manawatu, Wellington, Nelson, Marlborough, and Christchurch. 

This is an internationally recognised event around the world, although celebrated generally in April it may be on different days.  We had some outstanding keynote speakers who inspired their audience and confirmed to us all that AAPNZ has some outstanding collaborative relationships across the country.

We received a letter from the Governor-General, Lieutenant General, the Right Honourable Sir Jerry Mateparae GNZM QSO, that I had the pleasure of reading out at the Wellington Group APD breakfast event. Group Presidents each had a copy of this letter and were able to read it out across the country as well. The APD events were either at breakfast, lunch or in the evening.  After attending the Wellington Group meeting at the Clifton’s venue in the Majestic Centre, I then attended the Tauranga Group meeting at the ASB BayPark event centre in Mt Maunganui.  Both events were well attended.

The Governor-General of the day’s term of office will end in August 2016 and I’m sure you will all join me in congratulating him on his outstanding role over his term in office and thank him so much for being our Patron. Dame Patsy Reddy is Sir Jerry’s successor and we are currently going through the process of requesting her to consider being our Patron once she is sworn into office in September 2016, fingers crossed!


Nelson Administrative Professional Day

Nelson APD Team: Margaret Bartlett, Joy Walker, Margaret Black, Kathy Webb, Patti Rizer, and Lori Parker.

Lemon cheesecake | Nelson AP Day

Dessert—lemon cheeese cake…always a special part of the APD luncheon

Wendy Rapana and Mary Huffadine, a Wellington member who won the Doreen Smart Scholarship announced on APD.

Rotorua Group gathered for APD celebrations.


Manawatu celebration dinnerManawatu celebration dinnerManawatu celebration dinner

Our Administrative Professional of the Year Alison MacKinnon.


Executive Secretary LIVE

Johannesburg, South Africa
17-18 February 2016

We have uploaded some photos and captions to let you get a feel for Executive Secretary LIVE events.

This is a photo at the Awards Dinner at a restaurant called “Carnivore” just outside of Johannesburg where they served many exotic meats including crocodile, zebra, giraffe, ostrich – I stuck to pork and salad J

people we met

Two younger women I met at the event, Karen from Cape town and Chantell a local from Johannesburg, both passionate administrators and loving Chantells tattos!

We visited Soweto and Nelson Mandela’s house, pictured in front of the line is one of the keynote speakers, Bonnie Low-Kramen who can’t wait to come to NZ with her partner Rob.

tourist markets

Eth contemplating what to buy her mokopuna and as the exchange rate was SA10 rand for every NZ$1 it was always going to be a bargain.


Yes these really are water coolers for nuclear reactors but after the government built them in Soweto where they were going to activate them, the people took over, shut the development down and graffiti/painted them.  It really is a symbol about how they took control back of their own destiny.  They are very poor, there’s not much money or work, but they seem happier than they were before they got their independence.  Johannesburg was very frightening though, we never ventured out of the hotel unless it was with others.

social time

It wasn’t all hard work!  Lucy really works hard for the administrative profession and the work we did last year at the World Administrators Summit is culminating into quite a body of work overseen by the Chair, Eth Lloyd.  I am in the sub-committee that is looking at developing international pathways for business administration qualifications, very exciting.


2015 Presidents Report

I cannot believe Xmas is only days away!  Where did the time go?
It’s been an unbelievable year for AAPNZ with change regarding our structure and a focus on the Association as a business for the National Executive Team (NET), with me driving this change.  Whilst change is usually hard to come to grips with, this has been met with confidence and courage by my NET members because it makes sense and we need a mechanism to keep the association current and growing.

Executive Secretary LIVE events
We’ve had the juggernaut which is Lucy Brazier come to our shores in July/August this year, and she likes us so much she’s coming back in May 2016!  I am heading to Johannesburg in South Africa early in the New Year to get a handle on the logistics of hosting the Executive Secretary Live event that’s happening there on 19-20 February.  New Zealand is hosting this event in June 2017 in Auckland and it’s a huge event and we are hoping to get administrative professionals from Australia, the Pacific and other internationals who have responded to our annual events but didn’t get their visa’s organised in time.  It will truly be an international event.  For more information see

Global Administrative Professionals Summit (GAPS)
I was fortunate to represent AAPNZ at the World Administrators Summit in Papua New Guinea (PNG), infact travelled there with Lucy and that’s why she came to NZ.  We had an amazing time and met some gorgeous women, but more importantly we were able to allow for the Northern Hemisphere to be involved in this international group that focuses on the future of administrative professionals.  In 2018 it will be in Frankfurt, Germany and in 2021 it will be in Wellington, New Zealand and is now called the Global Administrative Professionals Summit (GAPS).  Tourism NZ put together the bid in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and it’s available on our website, they loved the presentation in PNG.

2016 AGM and Professional Development Forum Planning
Patrica ButeraWe are currently working together with the Nelson Group as the 2016 AGM and Professional Development (PD) Forum is at the Grand Mercure Nelson Monaco, Friday 5 to Saturday 6 August.  Our keynote speaker is Patricia Butera (right) from 60ZONE and we have formed a collaborative relationship with her company as she’s offering Masterclasses for EAs and PAs in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific in conjunction with AAPNZ.  Patricia will be opening the PD Forum with a presentation that tells us quite abit about her journey, then closing with a more interactive session for administrative professionals.  DRAFT PROGRAMME

Group Visits 2015

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many groups and if I haven’t visited yours yet, chase me up so I can find some time in my last half of my two-year reign as National President, it’s been an exciting and ever interesting journey.  I visited Christchurch, Rotorua, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, and Wellington. 

It’s been a tough year for many groups but really great for Rotorua, Hamilton and Christchurch.  Tauranga was down to four members when I took it on as Interim GP but we have such potential to increase to 20 or 30 in a short time as the collaborative relationship with Regional Tourism Tauranga and ASB Bay Park Event centre really hit a home run.  They organised a quarterly meeting at the ASB Bay Park event centre, at the first event we had 60 administrators come along for breakfast, the second event 80 administrators turned up and at the end of January we are having a cocktail event and if those on our database don’t respond to the invitiation immediately, they’ll miss out.  It’s been extraordinarily successful but that’s because business is booming in the Bay of Plenty and EA/PAs are seen as an important aspect of successful business – they really know what they’re talking about here!

I’m trying to get this event started up in other regions for AAPNZ members so if you want to assist me, get in touch.

Best Wishes Wendy Rapana

National President


NET are meeting in Wellington again for a face-to-face meeting in January and staying at the Distinction Hotel in Tory Street, Wellington.  This is an amazing apartment and we get to stay in the Penthouse suite, not because we can afford to, but because Tony Abbott and his team have ensured we can’t afford NOT TO!  It is a glorious spot so if you have work colleagues and/or clients who need somewhere to stay while they are in Wellington, check this place out, one to two-bedrooms as well as the penthouse apartments – total luxury!


Rebeka Adamson from the Manawatu Group won the prestigious title for the 2015 Administrative Professionals Award (APA) and has had an exciting year to date.  She has completed her Massey University Human Resource Development paper towards completion of her Graduate Diploma in Business Studies with a B pass, not bad for a full-time employee, wife and mother.  Rebeka is a wonderful ambassador for this award and keeps very good company with Bronwyn Marshall (2013 Award Winner).
Rebeka has been asked to write a guest blog for the Global PA Association and asked me to read her draft copy; she can add another string to her very long bow as it’s an excellent first-time blog and very interesting.

manawatu award winners

LEFT: Here’s Manawatu Group whose members won the 2015 Administrative Professionals Award (Rebeka Adamson), the National Presidents Award (Janine Hawthorn), and the AAPNZ Growth Award.  RIGHT: Rebeka Adamson with Tait Grindley, APA Judge. Well done Manawatu!



youtube icon
Lucy Brazier on Executive Secretary: An interview with Lucy Brazier at office* 2015 discussing the ethos behind Executive Secretary.

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Plan now for APD 2016

It’s probably a good time to start thinking about what you might do in your region.  The recipient of the Doreen Smart Scholarships will also be announced at this event.
In  Tauranga we have a member who is interested in becoming the new Group President. We are planning to announce this at a fabulous Administrative Professionals Day event in Tauranga and then launch the new look Group.   If you want some help or just want to discuss your plans, please contact me

2016 AAPNZ AGM &
Professional Development Forum Event

Plans are underway for the annual AGM and PD Forum to be held in Nelson next year on 5-6 August.
Nelson Group are assisting NET with their local knowledge and contacts and the programme development.  It’s going to be a fabulous event so once the dates and venue are confirmed it would be a great idea to get your travel bookings sorted asap in order to get a cheap fare.  I will roll out bits of information every month as they come to hand but very exciting!

Gettingagrip -
Official Time Management Provider for AAPNZ

Turn your phone or iPod into your University on wheels as you listen to Robyn Pearce interviewing thought leaders from around the world on a huge range of productivity issues.
This podcast beams from Chicago and is downloaded by thousands of listeners worldwide every week.  Access Robyn Pearce’s website and join up for her for FREE stuff  on time management tips  or her access to her Blog which has new material every week.

Collaborative Relationship with 60ZONE

60Zone banner
The first collaborative masterclass for senior administrative professionals by AAPNZ and Australian-based 60ZONE Pty Ltd was launched - The Power EA in Auckland on 29 October.

This was a truly innovative programme which ran over one day and was received enthusiastically by all those who attended.  There were several AAPNZ members amongst the masterclass and those who weren’t members received a free membership as part of their registration and I am rapt to welcome these new members into the fold.

Like Lucy Brazier’s Masterclasses in August, the registrants felt Patricia was speaking directly to them and there was lots of conversation regarding what they did, how they did it, what they wanted.

The power of being part of a group of like-minded administrative professionals working at a high strategic level was acknowledged and many friendships were formed as a result.  

AAPNZ are proud to work in collaboration with 60ZONE as they are a strong advocate of admin professionals globally.  Their current activities highlight the focus they place on supporting professionals to strengthen their skillset in modern business competencies.



EA/PA Conference – Wellington
Wendy Rapana attended the EA/PA Conference organised by Conferenz/Bright*Star in Wellington for the Public Sector (logo attached).  There were a number of AAPNZ members presenting but sadly only Jen Porter EA to the Secretary the New Zealand Treasury was available on the day.  She did a superb job for this her first public presentation and definitely not her last!  She talked about her journey as an administrative professional to what is considered one of the top roles of our profession here in New Zealand.  Well done Jen.  I was part of a forum with Charlie Dickson from PACE (EAs to the CEs) here in Wellington, we meet regularly and our focus is on both our memberships and how we can promote and assist them better together – it’s very cool.

Lucy Brazier back for Executive Secretary Live

The juggernaut that was Lucy Brazier arrived for our Christchurch Conference, presented a Masterclass in Wellington and then one in Auckland and then travelled to the World Summit in PNG.  It was wonderful to meet and spend time with her.  As a result it is likely that she will be coming back to New Zealand June 2017 with Executive Secretary Live!  It’s not yet confirmed but we are working on the details currently.  Those of you on LinkedIn and Twitter will be receiving texts & emails from the current Executive Secretary Live events from around the world, they have six amazing keynote speakers, Eth is part of that group of amazing speakers, and we’ll be able to see and hear them live here, so exciting!

World Summit Commendation

Eth LloydWendy Rapana had the pleasure of hosting a small lunch group to celebrate a presentation to Eth Lloyd from the 2015 World Administrators Summit in Papua New Guinea in August from the Summit Committee. She received a Certificate of Commendation for the excellent job she did of pulling together the programme for the Summit.  Eth had a number of small committees that worked on different aspects of the Summit so the collaboration was truly international, as you would expect. There were difficulties dealing with the PNG Committee, IT issues and language barriers but the event was fantastic and the 2018 Global Administrative Professionals Summit (GAPS) looks like it might be in Frankfurt, Germany, look out for more details to come.  Wendy presented a bid from Wellington which will likely happen in 2021 so plenty of time to put together an amazing event.  There has been a suggestion that the Australian network AIOP might collaborate with us which would be great.

New initiatives for Regional Groups

Our National President has recently relocated to the Bay of Plenty and as the Tauranga Group has decreased to only four members, Wendy has taken on the role of  Interim Group President. She has been involved in a new initiative, quarterly breakfasts courtesy the Tauranga City Council through Metro Marketing and the ASB Bay Park Event centre.  The first event was two months ago and 60 administrative professionals attended, last week at the second event 80 turned up. 

"The breakfast was amazing, just glorious food.  Carly Shorter was the keynote speaker and is an ex radio jock, really energetic and spoke about ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) in the workplace and we need to kill them and replace them with Joy Germs – I plan to stay being a Joy Germ!", Wendy reports.

This is an excellent strategic partnership and we hope to grow it in other regions.  Mary Erikson and Trish Stone from the Rotorua Group attended the breakfast last week and are very interested in having this in their region.
A Tauranga Group member is interested in becoming the new GP and they are planning to have a fabulous Administrative Professionals Day event in Tauranga and then launch the new look Group. 

It’s now a good time to start thinking about what you might do in your region.  If you want some help or just want to discuss opportunities, please contact Wendy.

Collaborative Relationship with 60ZONE

It gives me great pleasure to announce the first in a series of executive support training and development opportunities specifically developed for administrative professionals.
Following the announcement by AAPNZ and Australian-based 60ZONE Pty Ltd of its collaborative partnership, we are pleased to introduce to New Zealand - The Power EA in Auckland on 29 October. This is a truly innovative program which runs over one day. It is a modern ‘master class’ that I hope you are able to participate in.

Please have a look at the Programme details hereMembers receive 10% discount on fees by entering the promotional code 6A2910NZ at point of registration.
You must act quickly as registrations are closing 19 October. To view registration fees and register click here.
AAPNZ are proud to work in collaboration with 60ZONE as they are a strong advocate of admin professionals globally.  Their current activities highlight the focus they place on supporting professionals to strengthen their skillset in modern business competencies.










Admin Professionals are a Highly Educated Resource

To strengthen our focus on administrative professionals and understand how we can better support the profession, 60ZONE initiated a global survey and invited respondents from around the globe.  The focus is on gaining an understanding of the skills that admin professionals believe are needed to succeed in a changing workplace environment.

The Survey is still active and is available in English and Spanish. One of the most interesting trends developing is that organisations benefit from highly educated professionals in executive support roles - over 70% of respondents so far are either degree-qualified or have business / admin related qualifications. Another interesting trend suggests that, even though the admin role is increasingly valued in terms of their contribution, people in these roles are still being overlooked for global skills training.  In fact, over 60% responded that they were either not readily included in global skills training and development opportunities or the opportunity was just not an option.

The good news is that more and more organisations support their staff across the board in such training and development. We see this clearly as we continue to work with clients in Australia and New Zealand to deliver an accessible platform for global skills development to all staff.
Are you an admin professional?  Take the Global Survey here.




2015 AGM & Conference a huge success!

Kia ora tatou
At the end of July we celebrated the 2015 AGM & Conference at the Chateau on the Park in Christchurch.  The Conference began on Friday  with a Breakfast hosted by guest speaker Claire Webber, who gave us some insight into modern tools available for managing business tasks many of us work on daily. The Conference closed on Saturday afternoon with an Open Forum and Prize Draws. Attendees then had the option to go on a bus tour around the earthquake damaged city finishing at the Restart Mall for some shopping time.
The AGM was held on Thursday afternoon with our Award Dinner taking place on Friday night.

Our keynote speaker Lucy Brazier, CEO and Publisher of the Executive Secretary Magazine was even better than we imagined and she was the darling of the conference.  Lucy spoke on three occasions ending with a Masterclass on Saturday morning, she was like a big sister or that Manager you cherish because they believe in you and you trust them.  Her presentations were full of interesting facts and figures but also examples of what other administrative professionals are dealing with all over the world.  We truly felt like we weren't alone and possibly won't be from now on!
Lucy agreed to facilitate a couple of Masterclasses in Wellington and Auckland while she was here before she and I travelled through to Papua New Guinea for the World Administrators Summit.  We collaborated with Victoria University at their Pipitea Campus and almost filled all the 20 places with administrators from the city and surrounding areas, as well as Christchurch.  In Auckland we collaborated with the Employers & Manufacturers Association (EMA) and our Masterclass was based at the Microsoft Office in the Viaduct harbour.  We had a small class but the calibre of the registrants made up for the numbers, and they wanted to know when the next one would happen!
Thanks to those administrative professionals for supporting these Masterclasses and for acknowledging you thought it was absolutely brilliant.

World Summit Photos

Clockwise:  Lucy with the last potter from a local village just out of Port Moresby.
Wendy and Lucy arrival in Papua New Guinea.
The Papua New Guineans were very generous after each presentation; especially with Lucy as they loved her :)
Lucy in the Hotel Venue foyer.

 JULY 2015

Administrative Professional Award


We've had a lot more Day registrations for the Conference this year and have over 80 registered for the Award Dinner on Friday night when the 2015 Administrative Professional Award will be announced. The three APA finalists (in alphabetical order) have been announced and they are:

Rebeka Adamson

Rebeka Adamson
(DipBusAdmin; AAPNZ Cert., Associate)

Rebeka is the Personal Assistant to the Operations Director at Enable New Zealand, and is passionate about administration as a career path. Having achieved a Diploma in Business Administration and a Certificate in Quality Assurance, she is now studying towards a Graduate Diploma leading into a Bachelors Degree in Business Studies, with the assistance of the Doreen Smart Scholarship. Rebeka is a member of the Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Inc (AAPNZ), and currently serves on the Manawatu Group Management Team.
Tracey Mitchell

Tracey Mitchell

Originally from Auckland, Tracey moved to Christchurch in 2012 to assume the Office Manager role while juggling completion of her Bachelor of Business Studies and motherhood. Her rewarding career at Tonkin & Taylor spans 14 years where she has fulfilled a wide range of administrative roles, and has recently been appointed as Business Integrated Services Manager – South Island. Tracey leads a dynamic team of 10 and is passionate about delivering a high level of service to clients. She believes that administrative professionals are the glue that binds staff with business.

Michelle Simpson

Michelle Simpson

Michelle has over 25 years' administration experience in a range of industries – service industry, wholesale grocery, waste collection and civil construction; all based in Blenheim. In her current role as Administration Manager for Crafar Crouch Construction Ltd achieved her Diploma in Business Administration and AAPNZ Certification. Meeting the requirements of her employer is why Michelle enjoys what she does. A member of AAPNZ Michelle has held positions locally and nationally and believes that what you put in is what you get out and inspires others to do the same.


Our Judges from the last two years are Tait Grindley, General Manager Strategy and Performance Development from IMNZ, and Kelly Brown a past APA winner and currently Finance and HR Manager for a Telco firm in Christchurch; and a new Judge Lone Tapp General Manager from Bright*Star Training, who have been a strategic partner for many years with AAPNZ. It is the job of these three Judges to find a winner from the three finalists chosen, it'll be a difficult task as all three bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. Good luck everyone!

Conference 2015: International Keynote Speaker

We are so excited to have Lucy Brazier join us as our international keynote speaker. Lucy will be speaking on current trends in business acumen and ethics, emotional intelligence and will run a MasterClass on Social Media

Lucy is the CEO and Publisher of the prestigious publication the Executive Secretary Magazine and is currently addressing many events around the world including ours.

Lucy will also be the host and keynote speaker at the World Administrators Summit in Papua New Guinea 10-15 August. If you haven't booked in for one of her Masterclasses, she'll be in Wellington on Tuesday 4 August and in Auckland on Thursday 6 August, for more details contact me on 027 275 8531 or email Places are limited so book soon.

Webinars at special AAPNZ member rates

The Australian Institute of Office Professionals (AIOP) and the Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand (AAPNZ) are both delighted to bring Office and Administrative Professionals in Australia and New Zealand a collaborative series of relevant professional development Webinars.

It means that even if you are in remote location or extremely busy, you don't have to travel to workshops or seminars, you can receive professional development at your desk. No travel involved.

For all webinars, members of both organisations register as members and identify themselves from AIOP or AAPNZ. If you aren't a member, why not visit the our membership page and find out how to join. Or enquire through out contact form.

Below are details of the first of these webinars, hosted by AIOP.


10 Strategies to Develop Global Communication Skills

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

1.00 to 2.00pm (NZ)

Presenter: Patricia Butera from 60ZONE Pty Ltd


$40 for members
$80 for non-members.

For more information contact me at or phone 027 275 8531