AAPNZ Certification and Provisional Certification new applications must be in by 20 March. Start to gather your evidence to meet the three criteria (formal learning, continuing professional development (CPD) and work history) and send in your application.


AAPNZ Certification and Provisional Certification renewals must be undertaken every two years from receipt of your Certificate. Renewals are due from 1 April each year. Check when your Certification is due for renewal and start to gather your evidence for renewal now.

Forms and further information, see below.


If you, as an AAPNZ member, wish to gain a formal qualification to attain certification AAPNZ provides the opportunity to undertake a skills analysis. The skills analysis will determine the level of qualification appropriate for you and AAPNZ provides access to workplace assessment to attain that qualification. Workplace assessment is most often through oral assessment and providing the required supporting evidence from the work you do day-to-day. For further information, email


AAPNZ Certification

What is Certification?

AAPNZ Certification is a credentialing process that verifies you are a professional and have skills that demonstrate excellence in your field. Having Certification will give you an edge when applying for a job, when asking for a promotion, or when going through a performance evaluation.

AAPNZ Inc is the only administrative organisation in New Zealand offering an accreditation or registration pathway through this Certification process.

Certification is similar in concept to the professional registration that applies to teachers, nurses, doctors, plumbers and accountants. Just as a chartered accountant needs to gain a qualification, undertake a period of practical work experience and undertake continual professional development, AAPNZ Inc developed Certification to recognise the sum total of the administrative professionals’ formal learning and practical experience.

Having certification states that you have the standards required to practice your profession.

to view the Certification and PD Recipients Brochure click here

Certification Requirements 

The three areas of achievement required to gain Certification are:

  1. Formal learning (a formal qualification at Level 5 or above)
  2. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (125 CPD points achieved over the previous 5 years  NB: unless specified otherwise 1 pt = 5 hrs CPD)
  3. Work history (1200 hours in an administrative role over the previous 3 years

These three areas are more fully explained in the Certification Application Form, to access click here.


Provisional Certification 

Provisional Certification is an interim step to Certification and may be achieved when the formal qualification you hold is a Level 4 certificate. All the other criteria of CPD and work history are the same.  Upgrading to full Certification, once a Level 5 qualification has been achieved, can be done at the same time of the two yearly renewals.

To access the Provisional Certification Application Form, click here.


Certification Renewal

Once you have achieved Certification, you need to maintain it—this process is called Certification Renewal. Certification Renewal is required every two years. Requirements for renewal are twofold:

  1. Continue working at least 400 hours a year for each of the 2 years.
  2.  20 CPD points over the 2 years.

For further information contact AAPNZ’s Professional Development Officer at  

To access the Two-Yearly Certification Renewal Form, click here.

If you hold Provsonal Certification this also must be renewed Two-Yearly.  If yu have since gained a higher level qualification and wish to upgrade to Certification yu can do this at the time of renewal.

To access the Two-Yearly Provisional Certification Renewal and Upgrade Form, click here.

For further information, contact AAPNZ Professional Development Officer at  

Certification Background

AAPNZ developed Certification as a benchmark of the skills and competency that administrative professionals hold, or should hold, to undertake their roles within their workplaces.  It was developed

  • as a robust, credible and reliable process that employers could have faith in that those who hold it will meet that benchmark.
  • to confirm to those who achieved Certification that they would know their own skills were of a similar standard to others who had achieved Certification. 

A sub-committee of AAPNZ worked to develop this process over a 12-month period from 2002.  One of the sub-committee members was Jay Lamburn, then Executive Director of the Public Sector Industry Training Organisation (PSTO).  The process was trialled over the next 12 months, refined and finally launched at AAPNZ's AGM/Conference in New Plymouth in 2004 by the Honourable Harry Dynhoven MP. The first three recipients (Elizabeth Signal, Manawatu; Brenda Wallace, Wellington; Trudy Tyler, Nelson) received their certificates at the Conference.

Gallery of Certificated Members

The AAPNZ website lists a Gallery of Certificated members, when applying they include their employment at the time of achieving Certification, AAPNZ involvement, tertiary qualifications and information learning experiences. This gallery shows the date they were confirmed and the Group they belong to at the time of applying.  There has been a steady increase in the number of administrative professionals who are members and are now certified. To access the Gallery of Certificated Members, click here.