Competency Certificates

The AAPNZ Competency Certificates Resource was launched at the 2012 AAPNZ AGM & Conference in Wellington by National President, Lorraine McKeown.  Lorraine's speech stated the following:

 "The huge changes over the last 10 years indicate that administrative professionals may no longer be complacent in their work role.  We are in the 21st century business world of constant change, new technological developments, social media, redundancies and restructuring where Administrative Professionals may no longer assume their roles are secure.  Administrative professionals need to develop career resilience by acquiring new skills, constantly up-skilling and developing a series of transferable skills.

 As administrative professionals, we need to be investing in ourselves by being motivated to seek professional development and take responsibility for our own learning pathway thereby future proofing our careers.  Age is no barrier to up-skilling, new learning and developing yourself to your potential both professionally and personally.

Therefore I challenge you to discover your passion, push out of your comfort zone and accept challenges and opportunities as they present themselves - often in very strange and unexpected ways.  Start your first step by working through this resource to see where your journey leads you!."

Lorraine's vision in developing this resource, with the help of Eth Lloyd from Enderby Associates, Wendy Rapana from HUIRAE Management, and Patti Rizer for proof reading the revisions, was to assist new members to move more seamlessly into the association by completing the tasks within the three modules that make up the Competency Certificates resource and these are:

  • Module 1 - Participation in your AAPNZ Group
  • Module 2 - You and Your Organisation/s
  • Module 3 - Systems and processes

Members can complete all the modules or just one or two, it is up to them entirely.  The first module does not cost anything, the second and third modules do have a set fee as they need to be assessed by one of the associations independent workplace assessors (IWAs) and the fee covers their time and any internal moderation requirements. The application form can be accessed from here.

The resource is designed to fit within a workplace assessment process for attaining nationally recognised qualifications.  This is turn leads to the association's Certification process which is a statement of the skills you have and take with you from role to role.  It is similar to the concept of professional registration that applies to teachers, nurses, doctors, plumbers and accountants.  Certification gives value to those skills and demonstrates that your skills are up to the benchmark or standard required to practice your profession.

Holding Certification gives you the opportunity to say to the world at large that your skills are valuable, they are recognised and they meet the benchmark required for the work you have been employed to do.  This is your chance to value yourself so that others value you.

AAPNZ Competency Certificate Resource revision 12 January 2016 - click here

AAPNZ have decided that evidence spanning a 4-year period can be used.

Groups are encouraged to promote the resource which contains three modules, the ongoing activities in it and encourage members to book time slots for presentations, activities etc.

Janine Hawthorn and Eth Lloyd are the Independent Workplace Assessors (IWA) with Wendy Rapana as the Internal Moderator.


Competency Certificates

2016 Winner

Manawatu Group

2015 Winners

1st equal Nelson & Manawatu x11 each       

2014 Winners

1st equal Whanganui/Manawatu x 3 each   2nd Wellington x 2  3rd Christchurch x 1 = total of 9

2013 Winners

1st Manawatu x 14  2nd Nelson x7  3rd Christchurch x1 = total of 22


As of July 2015, 53 members have submitted to be assessed for the Competency Certificates

and these are made up from the following Groups:

2 – Whanganui          3 – Wellington          2 – Christchurch          18 – Nelson          28 – Manawatu          Total - 53

We now have a process for assessing competency modules; a spreadsheet to record achievement; a process for checking that correct information goes on to the certificate; and a process of sending the certificates to Group Presidents to present at the relevant Group meeting.

Janine Hawthorn and Eth Lloyd are the Independent Workplace Assessors (IWA) with Wendy Rapana as the Internal Moderator.

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