AAPNZ Membership

AAPNZ Membership period runs from 1 April – 31 March each year. Membership sought during the year will be on a pro-rata basis. A one-off new member application fee of $30 is applicable to all categories of membership upon joining. All membership fees are GST inclusive.

Full Membership

Each person who applies to be a member is allocated a membership number and will have full access to the members-only area of the AAPNZ website. They can attend local AAPNZ events and serve on the local AAPNZ Group Management team (GMT).

The annual subscription is $155

NB: Only the Members of this category can apply for AAPNZ's Professional designations - Associate and Fellow.

Affiliated Membership

Individuals who are overseas, on leave of absence or geographically isolated; as well as those members who are part of an AAPNZ affiliated partner organisation. (e.g. IMIM, NZPPA, etc) may join AAPNZ Inc as an affiliated member.

Application for affiliate membership is to be made to the National Executive Team and will be awarded at their discretion.

The annual subscription is $120

Student Membership

Those individuals currently studying full time towards qualifications in the relevant administrative occupations or business management.

The annual subscription is $53

Corporate Membership

A Corporate membership is one that covers an entire organisation. The organisation elects one staff member to act on behalf of all administrative staff. The elected staff member has full access to the members-only area of the AAPNZ website, receives notices of professional development opportunities and AAPNZ Newsletters to distribute to other administrators in their organisation. Corporate members have no voting rights and cannot serve on their local APNZ Group Management Team (GMT).

The annual subscription is $675

Named-Corporate Membership

A Named-Corporate membership is one where the organisation names a minimum of five individual staff members.  Each individual members is allocated an AAPNZ membership number, has access to the member-only area of the AAPNZ website.  Each Members can attend local events, has full voting rights and can serve on the local AAPNZ Group Management Team.

The annual subscription is $675 per minimum group of five members.  Each subsequent individual membership is $135.00 each.

Retired Membership

A retired member has reached the age of 65 and may or may not be employed. Retired members have full voting rights, can serve of the Local Group Management Teams (GMT).

The annual subscription is $53

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