Overview AAPNZ Inc

The Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Incorporated (AAPNZ Inc) is a professional association for administrative assistants, administration managers, executive assistants, executive officers, clerical assistants, office managers, personal assistants, receptionists, secretaries and typists - in fact all office professionals.  It is a national association, made up of members throughout New Zealand as well as those overseas.

AAPNZ Inc's objectives are:

  • To promote and develop performance standards for administrative professionals;
  • To provide guidance and advice for continuing personal and professional growth;
  • To recognise members' achievements;
  • To provide opportunities for mentoring and networking nationally and globally

AAPNZ Inc, through its National Executive Team (NET), develops a strategic plan every two years

that sets the direction and shapes the way forward for the Association. The key to this development is

to align ourselves with the Association’s vision and objectives.


Promoting personal and professional administrative excellence within a global network


To be the leading association for administrative professionals in New Zealand/Aotearoa.