New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) acknowledges AAPNZ Inc as the Peak Body for Business Administration, this means that whenever the association has something to say about Business Administration, NZQA listens. If NZQA wants to know anything at all about business administration, they contact the association.

AAPNZ Inc is represented on the NZQA National Advisory Committee for Business Studies (NACBS), essentially the committee that manages the NZDipBus levels 5&6 qualifications, and currently Wendy Rapana is AAPNZ’s representative which meets quarterly. The process is managed by NZQA who attend the meetings in an administrative and advisory capacity.

Targeted Review of Qualifications (TRoQ)

Wendy Rapana was fortunate to represent the association on the recent TRoQ for the Business qualifications, which include our specialist Business Administration qualifications as follows:

  • National Certificate in Business Administration & Computing L3
  • National Certificate in Business Administration L4
  • National Diploma in Business Administration L5

Wendy was on the Working Party for development of a new suite of Business Administration qualifications which have now become a specialist strand of the Business qualifications and are as follows:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) L3
  • New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) L4
  • New Zealand Diploma in Business (Administration and Technology) L5
  • New Zealand Diploma in Business (Administration and Technology) L6

These qualifications to level 5 have now been approved by NZQA after a robust process involving wide consultation and whilst they are now registered on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF), the unit standards have still not been developed and approved by NZQA so it is unlikely we can use these qualifications for another 4-6months yet. 

We are certainly excited for these to now be specialist strands of the Business qualifications, and the new level 6 Diploma gives us a clearer pathway to the Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

The Information & Communications Technology (ICT) TRoQ has also recently concluded and they have developed a two pronged approach with their qualifications; a practical view to encompass the computer users perspective; as well as a technical perspective for those seeking IT and developer roles.

For more information, access the NZQA website and look under Qualifications review www.nzqa.govt.nz