Who are we?

The Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Incorporated (AAPNZ Inc) is a voluntary national association administered by its members, for its members.

Our membership includes executive assistants, personal assistants, administration managers, receptionists, call centre operators, accounts staff, school secretaries, industry trainers, etc - anyone involved either full or part time in administrative professional roles, in any industry.

Many people are making a career in administrative roles and the breadth of demands and skills required of these people is increasingly acknowledged by the public and employers.

With our rapidly changing office environment, it is even more important these days to upskill and stay in touch with your profession through its professional organisation. Whether working in a corporate environment, small or medium size business or an established home based office, many office professionals feel isolated from others in similar roles. Our membership includes recent newcomers to the profession through to experienced administrative professionals; mainly female but there is a growing trend for male administrators.

As an employer, providing membership of AAPNZ Inc to your staff is a commitment to a professional organisation and a perfect means of giving recognition. This is a supportive local and national network which will give administrative professionals opportunities for personal growth and career development.

 Our theme for thie 2016/2017 period is


Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand – Te Kawarangi

After three years of consultation and agreement Te Kawarangi was made a part of the official name at the 2006 AGM in Palmerston North. ‘Kawarangi’ is a term given to a form of plaiting used in ornamental borders of cloaks. Metaphorically, it relates to our key function as administrators; in our ability to co-ordinate and manage a broad range of activities that enhances the overall role of the organisations we work for.

A Maori name, in addition to our formal title, was considered by AAPNZ members to add a distinctive cultural dimension and value to our name, complementing the beautiful logo which was designed in 1999 and trademarked in 2001.

As an organisation we are striving to increase our membership and become more inclusive. It is hoped that in having a te reo name and supporting this unique aspect of New Zealand culture, Maori customs such as karakia/prayer, mihi/greeting and waiata/song will be embraced by our association.

We also acknowledge that:

  • Under the Maori Language Act 1987, Maori became an official language of New Zealand;
  • The use of Maori Language defines who we are as a nation, and internationally gives us a unique global identity;
  • Many other organisations, government bodies and associations throughout New Zealand have bilingual signage.

Te Kawarangi is a name that members of AAPNZ are able to pronounce, write and interpret easily; and that in placing value on this name, it symbolises the significant contribution of our members.

As our membership grows and develops, the Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand, Te Kawarangi will endeavour to strengthen the ties of those members.


In developing the logo for the association, two key points formed the basis of the logo concept regarding the design, it should be distinctly New Zealand; and reflect a multi-cultural association.

The basis of the design was to create forms, which suggest a global linkage while at the same time creating unique New Zealand icons.  The centre of the logo is a circular shape (representing the world) which curls into the unique shape of a Koru.   The islands of New Zealand split this shape to identify clearly our country in the global community.  Curling around the left side of the koru is the unfurled fern, a symbol of new life, new beginnings and vitality.  Blue represents the colours of the pacific region, and silver for its naturally occurring colour of the fern.  Keeping the colour blue also retains a link to our past.