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"What a fantastic gift"

8 Oct 2018 9:24 AM | Sherie Pointon (Administrator)

"In today’s culture of de-cluttering and enhanced social responsibility, I can’t think of a gift more personal and satisfying than the opportunity to donate to a charity (or charities) which resonates for you."

Alison McKessar, National President of the Association of Administrative Professionals NZ didn't want the usual 'clichéd' thank you gifts for their national conference and AGM this year.

And she says they found the perfect gift in The Good Registry's Good Gift Cards.

The Association of Administrative Professionals NZ Inc (AAPNZ) held its 2018 Annual National Conference and 45th Annual General Meeting at Te Papa in Wellington in August.

"Many of the presenters we had were seasoned professionals who, no doubt, will have received countless clichéd thank you gifts in the past. We didn’t want to give out bottles of wine that might not be consumed (what if we gave them Sauvignon Blanc, and they only drink reds?!) and we certainly didn’t want to gift things that might cause issues with luggage weight or questions from Customs for our international visitor," Alison said.

"Early on in the planning of our conference, our 1st National Vice-President suggested The Good Registry as a great alternative to unwanted thank you gifts. I instantly loved the idea and had seen it done at another conference I’d attended. Not only did it save us from trying to decide what to buy people that was meaningful but we got to support whichever charity was close to our presenters’ hearts.

"When I gave away the first Good Gift Card to our presenter and explained how it worked, I could hear the noises of surprise and approval from our audience. Every presenter who received a Good Gift Card expressed what a fantastic gift it was; so much more personal than a bottle of wine or bunch of flowers could ever be."

Alison said their international keynote speaker, who had flown from Dubai for the conference, was totally blown away.

"She said that it was the best thank you gift she’d ever been given and she would be investigating whether similar businesses existed in other countries." 

"For AAPNZ, and for me in particular, the knowledge that we were thanking our presenters with gifts that would benefit other people or animals and organisations provided a real sense of accomplishment and ‘paying it forward’. The fact that the gift card recipients could choose from many different charities also made the gifts so much more personal and important for them, too."

  • You can find out more about The Good Registry's Good Gift Cards, and why they are the perfect gift, here - or buy one right now, here
  • AAPNZ Inc is a not-for-profit, voluntary national association that provides professional development and recognition to people in administrative roles. There are hundreds of different titles for those who work in administrative-based roles and these include executive assistants, personal assistants, administration managers, co-ordinators, receptionists, call centre operators, accounts staff, school secretaries, industry trainers, etc — anyone involved either full- or part-time in administrative roles, in any industry. Administrators from all types of businesses in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and even other parts of the world, join AAPNZ Inc for opportunities to learn and grow in their role, develop contacts and get a better understanding of how important their role is to any business.
  • Photo courtesy of Kylie Cornwell, norma and me photography 

This article first featured on The Good Registry blog, and the AAPNZ Conference has also featured in The Good Registry October Newsletter.


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