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National President - Vicki Faint  

Vicki Faint NZDipBusAdmin, AAPNZ Cert, Associate

Throughout the last 20 years of my career I have been working for Chief Executives. I am currently working for the Vice-Chancellor (VC) and Chief Executive Officer of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and have held this position since 2009.   

In this role I provide high-level strategic management support, clerical and business assistance, plus direction and guidance to the VC to support the achievement of his strategic priorities and objectives. 

I joined the Association of Administrative Professionals of New Zealand (AAPNZ) Inc in 2007 after winning the 2007 AAPNZ Administrative Professional of the Year Award.  Through the encouragement and support of AAPNZ I gained AAPNZ Certification in 2010 and have gained Associate designation.  A past-President of Wellington Group, I have served several years on the Group Management Team in various roles.  In 2018-19 I held the role as National First Vice-President.  I am currently the Task Lead on the Skills Set Matrix Task Force for the World Administrators Summit.  This Skills Set Task Force will develop a matrix so we can agree on titles of administrative levels and the appropriate role titles. 

On a personal note, I love my handcrafts.  I am a devoted gym goer – so I can compensate for my chocolate eating and wine drinking. Being an introvert, I do enjoy staying home with my husband and my two dogs, that said, I do still enjoy time out with friends, family and grandchildren.

National 1st Vice-President – Joanne Gallop

Back in 2004 my manager at the time encouraged me to join AAPNZ for professional development and networking opportunities. Since that time I have had some extraordinary experiences and made many wonderful friendships. I have been actively involved in the Group Management Team since 2013 and have had a couple of stints as Group President. This year I accepted the role of Southern Regional Leader.

 My career started way back when I left school and worked in a lawnmower shop. Since then, I’ve taken time out to have a family but still keeping up with the latest advances in technology by working part time and studying, eventually moving into Administrative Support and Executive Assistant roles with various organisations. I enjoy the challenges that I deal with on a daily basis and no one day is ever the same!

Having managed administration teams where dealing with different personalities, learning styles and seeing people move on to great career adventures has provided me with a passion to assist others to achieve their goals. It is amazing seeing people discovering that they are actually capable of reaching the stars – something that I have the pleasure of experiencing in my various roles.

Attending Executive Secretary Live in Auckland was a highlight for me and I intend to continue with my personal and professional growth. It’s never too late to learn new tricks and skills.

Outside of work I keep myself busy with trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, lots of walking, attending team fitness training and as well as spending as much quality time as possible with my family and friends.

National 2nd Vice-President – Denise McElwain

My working career started at the District Court in Dunedin as a court stenographer. I moved from Dunedin to Hamilton in 1990 and continued working as a court stenographer until I had my daughter in 1993. I took seven months’ parental leave and then went back to court stenographer work until March 1995 when I was appointed a Judge’s Associate at the Court of Appeal in Wellington. Since 1995 I have worked for three different Judges both at the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court and saw all three Judges through to retirement.

In 2011 I took on a role working ‘on the other side of the bench’ and where I was able to take on some study. I worked as an Executive Assistant for the Director of Proceedings at the Health and Disability Commissioner’s Office in Wellington.  While in this role I completed my Bachelor of Applied Management and graduated in March 2014. I then worked for three years for Phil Twyford MP (now Cabinet Minister) as a Senior Executive Assistant. It was a very busy role and I enjoyed all the challenges and demands that it brought but I didn’t get to do much else other than work long hours – and this was before Labour became Government!

My love of the law has never ceased and early this year I began back working in the legal field again. Moving to be Assistant Registrar at the Sports Tribunal which is part of Sport NZ. I am currently working as a contract EA, I am really enjoying working for a range of organisations around Wellington.

In May 2006 I joined AAPNZ when I was able to organise suitable childcare for my daughter. At that time I wanted extra stimulation, the opportunity to network with others, and to further my education. Through AAPNZ I learned about the wonderful opportunities there were to do this. I managed to achieve both the Diploma in Business Administration and Certification within two years. It was also through AAPNZ that I became involved in teaching shorthand to four students. After being a member of AAPNZ for about six months, I joined the Wellington Group Management Team (GMT). I have undertaken roles on the GMT as membership co-ordinator, meeting co-ordinator and webpage administrator. I was a finalist for the Administrative Professional of the Year in 2008. I gained Associate status in 2012 but have not pursued Fellow status.

In December 2009 I accepted the role of National Minute/Admin Support for NEC (NET). I then moved on to the Central Regional Leader role and later to National 2nd Vice President. In each of these roles I was also undertaking the National Minute/Admin Support duties. I had two years off the NET while I was at Parliament but  since 2018 I am back as National 2nd Vice President and not doing the National/Admin Support role at the same time. I love learning and enjoy the extra challenges these roles have brought into my busy life.

My daughter has almost finished her degree as a clinical psychologist. She lives and works in New Plymouth. I live in Northland, Wellington with my partner Trevor and a cat called Alfrie (Alfredo when he’s naughty). My other interests are overseas travel, entertaining, book club, theatre, bridge and organising events. 

Northern Regional Leader – Tracey Sherlock

Tracy Sherlock is the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer / Board of Directors at Zespri International Limited at Mount Maunganui.  Tracy brings 20 years of administrative experience, having held positions in a Global Marketing Company, Medical Profession and the Hospitality industry, Tracy is able to tailor her skill set to meet the requirements of her roles.

In addition to her duties as an Executive Assistant, Tracy is involved in the Association of Administrative Professionals NZ Inc, currently the Northern Regional Leader, and has served as the Group President for the Tauranga Group for three years.  Tracy has a passion for Administration and her fellow administrative professionals and is a strong advocate for this profession.

Central Regional Leader – Dianne Parker

My name is Dianne Parker and I have been a member of AAPNZ for fifteen years – first as a Corporate Member and now an individual member. I work for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of New Zealand. My title is Group Executive Officer and I provide administrative support to a range of staff – a Deputy Director, two Unit Managers and 13 operational staff. I have been in this role since 2006; prior to that I was a Medical Adviser in the Central Medical Unit of the CAA.

Starting out as a Primary School Teacher, I spent 30 years in the classroom, with a couple of breaks. During this time I completed my Masters Degree part time and also became a Reading Recovery Teacher.

Currently I am a member of the Wellington AAPNZ GMT and I am the Newsletter Editor for this Group. I was President of the Group from 2016-2018. During my time with AAPNZ I have been able to complete my AAPNZ Certification and the National Diploma in Business Administration. I also was the winner of the 2016 Administrative Professional Award and the winner of the Doreen Smart Scholarship in 2018.

I am very excited to be  the Regional Leader – Central position. In this position I look forward to: liaising with the other Groups and their Presidents and GMT in the region; helping possible future Groups to set up; organising regional gatherings and their agendas; being part of NET and finding out more of how AAPNZ works at the national level and supporting members in the Central region in any way that I can.Of particular interest to me would be to set up workshops as part of the Central Regional Gathering to encourage members to learn about how to work on their GMT and to provide training in the various roles. This would supplement the training that is provided at the Annual National Forum and would follow their guidelines.

Southern Regional Leader – Valerie Lang 

I have the privilege to be the Personal Assistant to the General Manager for Mitton ElectroNet and member of the senior management team.  I am responsible for the day to day management of our three corporate offices and manage a team of 3 administrators. Mitton ElectroNet is a diverse workplace with over 20 different nationalities and is a male dominated workplace.  This mix of culture and testosterone makes every day a wonderful challenge, I find it hugely fulfilling to be part of a workplace that embraces different cultures and challenges stereotypes. 

I have worked in the electricity industry for over 25 years and during that time I have witnessed and been part of huge changes at both at corporate and site level.

I read somewhere that “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”.

I firmly believe that life happens, so I try not to sit back and wait for other people to hand me a life, I go out and get it, I plan, and have ideas. I try my best to lead others by bringing them along for the ride. There is plenty of room at the top (or wherever you want to be) for all of us. 

My personal development was the main reason I joined AAPNZ.  I had come a long way in my 25 year career as an administrator and I wanted to match that learning with formal professional development. Through AAPNZ professional development group I gained my diploma in business administration and have achieved AAPNZ Certification.

As professional administrators, we need to be thinking of what the future might look like and what skills we will need, for the future.  We all need to take charge of our careers, AAPNZ provides administrators with a platform and forum to create a bright future.

National Finance Officer – Teresa Flavelle 

Profile coming soon

National Membership Officer – Chick Mitchell

Profile coming soon

National Administrator – Ingrid Jensen

Ingrid is the Administrative Professional that looks after the National Executive Team, managing meetings and keeping everyone accountable for their actions.  Ingrid works as an Executive Assistant for Chiefs Rugby in the mighty Waikato.  She holds a Level 5 Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management) and a certificate in theArt of Minute Taking.

Outside of work and AAPNZ, Ingrid is Mum to two kids, aged 12 and 14 years. Ingrid is also a celebrant, holding a diploma on celebrant studies. She resides in Te Awamutu, the Rose Capital of Aotearoa. If  

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