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Webinar: "Connecting with yourself" - understanding your why with Mid Thomas-Savelio

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In this fast-paced one hour webinar with expert presenter, trainer and thought leader Mid Thomas-Savelio you'll be challenged to think about your why - that deep-seated motivation for being you and doing things that meet that your why. Mid has made a career out of positively influencing people to make smart life choices! Mid is renowned as a cultural leader with a proven record of high staff satisfaction, excellent customer service and strong commercial results. They are born off the back of over 20 years of practical business experience, both leading, managing and operating my own and other businesses. Having been at the coal face of monetising concepts and understand the challenge organisations face when creating then trying to operationalise a strategic vision. A firm believer in the triple bottom line where the best results live in looking after the people, to find profit while being sustainable within our environment. "Helping people reach their full potential, both personally and financially, is truly fulfilling for me."

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