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Association of Administrative Professionals NZ Inc

WA Alliance Members Forum 

On June 15th Joanne Gallop, National President and Lisa Lowe, 1st VP attended the inaugural WA Alliance Members Forum. We were one of the 23 out of 33 WA Alliance members in attendance, plus Eth Lloyd, our Council Advisor, Juanita Mort, the 2022 WA-Summit Project Manager and Terri Mullen, Social Media Manager.  Sherie Pointon, our Executive Officer was also there as Admin Advantage is also a member of the WA Alliance.

Below are the highlights, as captured by the WA Alliance Council:

The feedback we received on the initiatives  was very positive and the suggestions made were very useful.

Please share this message with others who attended from your Association or Organization as we don’t have everybody’s email address.

This inaugural session was to give you an update on the activities of the WA-Alliance so far, for us to hear your feedback and to give members a chance to meet each other and discuss their challenges.


  • Mental health is on the top of everyone’s agenda
  • Uncertainty of the future of the role
  • More training is needed, not all companies are willing to invest
  • How to attract younger members to Associations

These topics were lively and interesting and indicative of the feedback we received in the Summit survey which has given us our discussion topics for the 12th WA-Summit in October.

We also spotlighted Administra. This document contains some very valuable guidelines for Associations and for individuals and is updated after each Summit. Eth Lloyd emphasized the value of this document in session 1a, so please listen to the recording.

There were some excellent suggestions about how and what we communicate, these will be taken up by our Communications team.


  • There will be a Members Forum held every quarter.
  • A ‘Members Only” channel will be launched on SLACK so that the networking, discussions and best practice sharing can continue – look out for the invitation to join.
  • The Communications team will look into adding Instagram to our social media platforms – there’s a younger audience to be found there.
  • We will share with you all the list of training topics that we collected as part of the WA-Summit survey – this will help our business partners with their offerings and will give Associations and Networks some ideas of the training that Administrative Professionals are currently asking for.
  • We will provide all members with a ‘Proud member of the WA-Alliance’ logo for your websites.
  • Administra is an extremely valuable tool for all Administrative Professionals who want to work on their development, we will focus on promoting this document to a wider audience.
  • Members: please make sure that the email address you supplied when you joined the Alliance is the correct one – sometimes these change when roles are passed on and we don’t want you to miss out. Send your changes to
  • We will provide our Business Partner Trainers with a one-pager on the WA-Alliance for them to share during their training sessions.
  • Members: please look in your network to help us to find the right candidate(s) for the Secretary role.
  • We will be in touch with those of you who are using the Global Skills Matrix in your organization to build case studies and collect testimonials.

We will plan the next Members Forum for Q3 2022, so look out for the invitation.

Save the Date: The Annual General Meeting will be on Saturday 19th November.

You can download a pdf of the presentation, plus the video of each session (1a and 1b) from Google Docs here

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