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The Leadership Resource has been developed for the use of AAPNZ members who are in the roles of Group President and Vice President, Regional Leader, National President and National Vice-Presidents. The resource was developed in recognition of the fact that many members step up into these roles with little or no formal training or obvious support. While everyone who has taken on any of these roles has always done the very best they could and done a good job, their efforts could have been better supported and their skills base better developed by AAPNZ providing training and resources to help them in their new role.

This resource is a collation of various articles and information on emotional intelligence, group/teams and leadership. It is designed to provide information on the many aspects of leadership. It therefore plays an important role in providing information. However, it is expected that in all circumstances the resource will be completed by the individual with a mentor, within a mentoring programme.


Mentoring is a very important part of understanding leadership through assisting and supporting the new leader to understand their approach to the role. Very often individuals who step into leadership have not had any training and so use models of leadership they have observed. This can be a very useful tool but does have one significant shortcoming. While we observe behaviours and try to replicate them, it can be very difficult to do so fully without an opportunity to explore and understand why those behaviours took place.

Additionally we need to understand our own behaviours and particularly our reactions to the behaviours of others.

AAPNZ is developing a National Mentoring Group and AAPNZ members undertaking the Leadership Resource will be able to access a mentor through this group. There is an expectation that those who undertake the mentor role for this Leadership Resource will have had training in mentoring and preferably experience in one or more of the roles listed.

We would expect that the National President could access a mentor from outside of the AAPNZ membership to ensure the member in this senior role has a safe and supportive environment.

Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring is planned to be face-to-face, by Skype or by phone. Each session is between one and two hours long. It is expected that there will be at least six sessions. Each mentee is expected to have thoroughly read, researched and given thought to each section of the Leadership Resource prior to each mentoring session.

Some of those who participated in the trial wrote notes, others developed mind maps. The amount of preparation work a mentee puts in ensures they are maximising each mentoring session.

Sessions would preferably be regular and no more frequently than two weeks apart but no longer than four weeks apart to ensure continuity. However it is recognised that there will need to be flexibility within those timeframes to meet individual requirements of both mentor and mentee.

This opportunity is available to all current leaders within AAPNZ.

To access information regarding the Leadership Resource & Mentoring Workbook, email

PO Box 5431

Lambton Quay

Wellington 6145


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