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August 2020

Welcome from our Group President

Kia ora koutou,

So here we are, beginning round 2 with an increased Alert Level lockdown, with most of us working from home again. But I feel assured that the majority of us are saying “I’ve got this!” We are well prepared, and in being so, displaying the natural leadership characteristics of our roles to our managers and teams in how versatile, flexible and indispensable we are!

This is a timely reminder that we have Broni Carey, from Virtual Solutions NZ, as our guest speaker at our face-to-face August Group Meeting tonight, talking about the role of Virtual EA and how she got into this business. In this day and age, where some of us are experiencing job uncertainty, this may be an avenue you hadn’t considered in the past, but could well be an area of interest for your future. Please ensure you follow Urban Hub’s COVID guidelines whilst attending this event. I look forward to seeing you there.

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August meeting @ Alert Level 2

We're proceeding as planned with our face-to-face tonight at Urban Hub. Rest assured, protocols are in place to ensure safe physical distancing, and a QR code will be available to facilitate contact tracing (as well as manual registration). But please, if you're not feeling well or moving to self-isolation, decline this event and notify us ASAP.

Spirituality in the Workplace

by guest author Sara Warnock, Seed Planter and Master's student

Many of you will balk at the title of this article.

Indeed, the word ‘Spirituality’ can be simultaneously synonymous with Religion AND woo-woo new age ideals. Oftentimes mentioning the word spirituality is a social faux-pas akin to mentioning politics at the dinner table.

It might interest you to know that over the last 10 years there has been a steady increase in the amount of research exploring Spirituality in the workplace, or as it’s referred to in the literature Workplace Spirituality (WPS).

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News from our GMT

2020 Strategic Planning Day

We're having our annual Strategic Planning Day at the end of the month. There's loads on the agenda, but feel free to contact our Group President if there's anything you'd like us to be focusing on.

Meeting Coordinator vacancy

Interested in joining the team? Up for a new challenge with a group of supportive, like-minded ladies?

We're still looking for a Meeting Coordinator. Training will be provided and it's a great opportunity for personal and professional development (plus volunteer roles look great on the CV!).

For more info, please get in touch.

Introducing Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is the website and member database that AAPNZ’s NET implemented a few years ago to streamline a number of member activities throughout the organisation. 

You will have noticed that our recent events have begun to utilise a different means of registration than we have previously used. 

Under the guidance of Kelly Nelson, our group Social Media Coordinator, we are now using the functionality provided within Wild Apricot more often. This enables a more joined up approach to how we communicate with you about events or notices, how you register for events, how your attendance can be recorded and used by you to track your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events.

As with all new systems, there are always steep learning curves – and we have been learning for sure!

To help ensure that we are indeed reaching you, please take a moment to log in:

And then check your profile:

  • Is the email address in your profile still current? The best one to send AAPNZ information to?
  • Is there a group identified? This is simply the group that is geopraphically closest to you.

Wellington Group Member Awards

Nominations are still open!

Categories include:

  • Tip of the year
  • Innovation Award
  • Empowerment Award
  • Commitment Award
  • Member of the Year Award

New Members

A very warm welcome to our newest members. We know you will benefit significantly from being a APPNZ Wellington Group member. You will have the opportunity to develop professionally and personally, connecting with and being supported by some great people (locally and globally).

Welcome aboard Paddy Roe and Tracey-Lee Viviers!

Member Anniversaries

We wouldn't be an Association without our members. Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to AAPNZ and the Wellington Group.

26 years

Moira Jones

17 years

Shona Dowden

3 years

Janice Kirk

1 year

Jeanne van Heerden

What's been happening

July group meeting  our first in person since March!

As our August group meeting was the first face to face meeting for the Wellington group since our events were cancelled just ahead of lockdown, we were very pleased to mark it in a celebratory manner with a dinner. Hosted by the Thistle Inn, we were provided with a private room, which had been decorated with a nod to mid-winter Christmas.

Twenty members joined us, including Toni Weir, who had only recently joined AAPNZ. Tracey-Lee Vivier joined us as a guest, enjoyed it so much she went on to join up as a member. We love that! We are aware that we have several members that joined AAPNZ around the time the country went into Lockdown and as a result, have yet to be able to attend one of our meetings. We look forward to welcoming you to an upcoming meeting in due course.

Vicki Faint, National President, was invited to speak to members and provided an update on what she and NET have planned for the upcoming 12 months. Members noted the very full list of items on the workplan – and expressed their appreciation to Vicki for joining them at the meeting.

Angie was also pleased to be able to present certification badges to Emma Brown and Debbie Warnock. Emma and Debbie achieved their certification in 2019, and normally these badges would be presented during the AGM as part of those proceedings. However, where a member has not been able to attend the AGM in person or for similar reasons, the presentation takes place in a group setting. 

It’s been a long time coming for both Emma and Debbie, and it was good to be able to recognise their achievement.

At the end of a very pleasant evening enjoying each other’s company, good food, chat and laughter, attendees noted how good it was to be able to gather as a group once again. Thanks to Debbie and Kelly for organising a great evening for us.

We are looking forward to bringing you a variety of meetings in the coming months.

Upcoming events

Sponsorship Shout Out

We couldn't do it without you!

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