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Association of Administrative Professionals NZ Inc

The Doreen Smart Scholarship 

The Doreen Smart National Scholarship (named after the Association’s founder) was established in 1997 for training and learning opportunities which contribute to AdmiNZ members’ personal and/or professional development. 

National scholarships will be awarded annually by the AdmiNZ Board after advice from the Professional Development Sub-Committee (PDSC) who manages this process for AdmiNZ. 

The number of scholarships awarded shall not exceed the funding available, up to a maximum of $2,000 (plus GST) in any financial year. 

A member can only apply for one scholarship in any one year. If successful, the member may not apply for the scholarship in any two consecutive years, or more than once for the same course of study. 

It is not intended that scholarships be used to further subsidise the Association’s conferences or seminars for members.

The scholarship programme does not preclude Groups from subsidising costs of members’ development where appropriate. 

Scholarship Regulations

(a) Eligibility 

All AdmiNZ members are eligible to apply for this scholarship for opportunities to study in significant general management, business administration or specialist technical areas in these disciplines. 

The scholarship application may be used to study for a qualification, a training programme or specific work experience in the office administration and/or business management areas. The scholarship will be awarded for learning opportunities in these areas. The opportunity should preferably be in New Zealand but may be granted overseas when similar opportunities are not available in New Zealand. 

(b) Doreen Smart National Scholarship Application Form 

(c) Publicity of successful applicant 

The successful scholarship applications will be publicised. The appropriate publicity vehicle will be agreed at the time a scholarship is granted and may include: National and Group newsletters, newspapers and/or appropriate magazines. 

(d) Agreement 

An agreement will be negotiated with the recipient of a scholarship in terms of: 

  • intellectual property and return on investment (i.e. sharing of new knowledge with Association members)
  • undertaking to continue membership
  • reporting. 

(e) Authority

Authority to grant a scholarship will be held by the AdmiNZ Board on the recommendation of PDSC. 

(f) Funding 

Currently funding is taken from the general funds of AdmiNZ and included in the annual budget. 

(g) Procedure 

This procedure has been produced to assist the administration of the Doreen Smart National Scholarship for personal and/or professional development. 

(h) Scope 

This procedure shall be followed for all applications lodged under this scheme. 

(i) Actions and responsibilities 

Members shall be responsible for lodging their application to the National Professional Development Officer by the closing date of the third Friday in November. The application closing date shall be advised to the members through National and Group newsletters, and on the website. 

All applications must be supported by the member’s local Group Executive Officer and the applicant's employer or a careers advisor. 

Non-Association people shall consider applications, interview applicants where appropriate, and forward a final recommendation via the PDSC for approval by 18 December each year. 

Once approved PDSC shall advise the Board Chair. The funds shall be allocated and paid in a manner recommended by PDSC after discussion with the recipient. This allocation and payment method is to then form part of the Agreement between the recipient and the Board Chair.  

If a course is not completed the scholarship funds shall be repaid to the Association at the sole discretion of the AdmiNZ Board. 

The Board Chair shall ensure that: 

(i) All applicants are advised (announcement of successful applicant/s to be made on Administrative Professionals’ Day as per (l)(i) below) 

(ii) A written agreement of mutual expectations is negotiated with the successful applicant/s 

(iii) All relevant information is filed 

(iv) Scholarships awarded are publicised through National and Group newsletter communications etc. 

(j) Applicant reporting requirements This scholarship is conditional upon the applicant/s providing a report to PDSC by 31 March in the year following the receipt of scholarship funds as to the benefits gained personally and professionally, together with the benefits to AdmiNZ from having completed the relevant course of study. 

(k) Documentation required on application 

(i) Scholarship application form 

(ii) Curriculum vitae and photograph 

(iii) Supporting documentation (e.g. endorsement from Group, reference/ comment from employer or career counsellor and/or appropriate trainer/tutor of the professional development for which the scholarship is being sought, etc.) 

(l) Notification to applicant/s prior to Administrative Professionals Day 

(i) Advise successful applicant/s of their scholarship success prior to Administrative Professionals’ Day (or such other date as decided by the Board Chair)

 (ii) Announcement of successful applicant/s by Board Chair on Administrative Professionals’ Day and presentation of certificate 

(iii) Notify unsuccessful in advance of Administrative Professionals’ Day.

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